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July 2020

Home Office Gifts for Employees

There is no denying that remote working has increased massively over the past few months. In light of COVID-19, a lot of businesses have been forced to operate out of their homes. To ensure that productivity levels are kept high, and employees are motivated, you need to encourage them to create a great office environment. A lot of businesses have invested in desks and ergonomic chairs for their workforce, for instance. One way that you can make your employees feel appreciated is by purchasing them a home office gift. Below, we will take a look at some of the best suggestions to give you a helping hand.

– Snack subscription – 

Subscription boxes have become very popular in recent years. There are now many different snack subscription boxes you can choose from. We would recommend opting for healthy yet tasty snack boxes for your workers. You can select the subscription to last for as long as they will be working from home. This will put a smile on your employees’ faces while also ensuring that they are getting the nutrition they need to be healthy and productive. 

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– A color page scanner – 

This is one of those products that you never know you need until you find that you really, really need one, if you get what we mean! If your employees are frequently using contracts, submitting expense reports, or saving receipts, they will find a lot of use for a page scanner. These scanners tend to be powered via USB, scanning several pages per minute. This can help your workers to be much more efficient while at home.

– Wireless charger – 

You can make your employees’ lives a lot easier with a wireless charger. Make sure you look for a charger that is going to be compatible with most phones. For example, this Air Wireless Charger from Factory Direct is compatible with both Samsung and Apple phones. You can purchase it at 1338Tryon. You can also brand the charger so that it has your business’ colors and logo included. The cost of these chargers is low, so you’re not going to have to spend a lot of money to get your entire workforce kitted out. It will help them to keep their desk organized and ensure they do not have loose wires everywhere. 

– Headphones – 

A good pair of headphones is always going to be appreciated by your at-home workforce. This will enable them to stream their favorite music while working or listen in on a conference call without trouble. Lots of fabulous headphones are out there today, so you should have no trouble finding something affordable and portable. 

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a man listening to music and dancing

– A scented candle – 

It does not have to all be about technology when it comes to purchasing gifts for your employees who are working from home. You can buy them something that will make their office environment a lot nicer to be in. This is what a scented candle will achieve. It will make a space a lot cozier, brightening up the area and making it more enjoyable for them to be in. Some scents can help with concentration, productivity, and calmness, so choose your scents with care. 

– Temperature control smart mug – 

Most employees worldwide will agree on one thing: coffee is essential to get through the day! You can help your employees ensure they get their daily coffee dose by purchasing a temperature-controlling mug. Most of these mugs are battery-powered, and they make sure that every sip the person takes is going to be toasty. The charging coaster keeps the mug working all day long. You will know how much of a reasonable investment this is if you have ever experienced that frustrating moment when you drink your coffee, and it is cold because you have been working so hard! 

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– Memory foam seat cushion – 

If your employees are going to be working at their desks for hours on end, it is important to make sure that they are comfortable, right? You can be sure that this is the case by purchasing a memory foam seat cushion for your workforce. This means that sitting on their bum for hours and hours on end is going to be a lot more comfortable! This is especially beneficial for those who are yet to invest in an office chair for their home. You’d be surprised by how much of your workforce is probably set-up at the dining table!

– A potted plant – 

Another way to make sure that your employees have a pleasant working environment is purchasing a pretty potted plant that can keep them company while they are working. Not only do potted plants look great, but they promote better airflow and working conditions as well. Therefore, they offer way more benefits than most people realize when it comes to home working environments. 

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a vibrant plant in a home office

– Desk exercise equipment – 

Last but not least, sitting at a computer for hours on end is not healthy; however, it is essential for many jobs. There is an answer to this, though, and that’s desk exercise equipment. One of the best solutions we have seen is an under-desk elliptical. This means that your employees can sit at their office desk and workout while they are working. They can pedal away quietly while they are busy doing admin work or replying to emails. It is the ultimate in multi-tasking and can help to keep your workforce healthy, which is, of course, important. 

As you can see, there are a number of great gift ideas that you can make the most of when it comes to creating the perfect home office environment for your employees. If a large chunk of your employees is now working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, let them know that you appreciate them and help create the perfect office environment for your workforce so that they can operate efficiently and effectively home.

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Gear and Tips to Help You Get Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Life as we know it has changed over the past few months. Since COVID-19 struck, we have had to change the way that we go about working completely. For some people, this means that they have transitioned to a remote worker for the foreseeable future. For others, it means that they need to completely change the way that they go about their typical daily work procedures. With that being said, in this blog post, we are going to provide you with plenty of tips on getting through the coronavirus pandemic, with a particular focus on the different sorts of products you are going to need.

Make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines –

As the current situation is a fluid one, guidelines are changing all of the time. You need to stay up-to-date with the latest news and information from the government to ensure that you adhere to the guidelines in place. You should be able to access information relevant to your business via the government for your state’s website. There are different rules per industry, and it can seem a bit overwhelming, but try not to worry. Industry bodies and organizations can also prove to be useful sources of information if you need assistance. 

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Focus on your customers rather than the competition – 

A lot of people are too heavily focused on their competition. While this is important, it is better to be focused on your customers at this current time. The businesses that are thriving at the moment are considering how they can bring value to their customers. It is customer service that differentiates the small companies from the big ones. You need to use your abilities to adapt quickly to what your customers need at the moment. It is the perfect chance for you to dig deeper into your company. What has worked well in the past? How are you going to be able to add more value to your clients? This could be anything from starting an e-newsletter to virtual sessions, flexible future bookings, discounts, and rewards programs. It is all about doing something now that is going to ensure that you are at the forefront of your clients’ minds once they get things moving again.

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Use the current conditions to make sure that you are branding effectively – 

Do you have a promotional product strategy in place at your business? If so, it is time to address it. If not, it is time to start one. There are a lot of products that are in very high demand at the moment. The two most obvious ones being face masks and hand sanitizers. This is something that you are going to be able to use to your advantage. You can get branded hand sanitizer gel packets, such as those at 1338Tryon. The hand sanitizer itself is highly effective a stopping the spread of germs that cause infections and illnesses. You can then have your business’ logo printed on the packet to brand your company to full effect. The secret to a successful promotional product campaign is creating something that is going to get a lot of use. With hand sanitizers and face masks, you have items that tick these boxes for the foreseeable future.  

two women working together

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Find your pivot point-

There are plenty of exceptional examples of companies currently embracing the situation and pivoting their business into a new area. Of course, you need to be cautious with this. You need to stay true to what your company stands for, and you need to go about it carefully as well. Think about where you currently sit and what your niche is. Then, you can think about what your clients need. This is going to help you to determine the logical pivot point. Customers want to offer their support to small companies right now, so it is essential to remember why you started up your company in the first place. Do not be afraid to tell your story. What issue are you going to be able to solve for your consumers in this environment? Think about what you do well and capitalize on this. 

Team up with a supplier that you can count on – 

You will need a lot of items that you didn’t need before. This includes a wide range of specialist cleaning items, face masks, and other types of protective equipment. You need to find a supplier that you will be able to rely on and provide you with the items you require quickly. The last thing you want is to run out of the essential items!

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Communicate with your customers and clients – 

Last but not least, burying your head in the sand and hoping for things to get better is not the way to go when it comes to dealing with this pandemic. No matter the industry you operate in, it is vital to reach out to your clients and customers. This is imperative for both existing customers and new customers as well. Don’t speak to them with an evident sales pitch. It is important to connect on a human level. It can be highly valuable to just check-in and see how they are doing and what they need at the moment. If you listen now and provide invaluable expertise, you will strengthen your relationships with your customers. This could result in you creating loyal brand allies for years and years to come. 

There you have it: an insight into some of the different products that you need to get through the coronavirus pandemic, as well as some tips on how to implement them properly. We know that times are difficult at the moment. However, some careful planning and preparation can go a long way, ensuring that you can create the perfect work environment in light of the current conditions.

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The Best Gifts for People Who Work From Home

Working from home is a concept that takes some getting used to, but it does require a different set of skills, priorities, and gift ideas! There are plenty of gifts that will make the lives of the self-employed much easier, and improve the functionality of their work as well as showing them that you care and appreciate their lifestyle. 

The Office Essentials

Everyone who works from home still needs office essentials. They may not drive to an office every day, but there is still a need for the old fashioned office gifts just in case there is a lunch meeting or an event to attend to. You can take a little peek at 1338 Tryon for more gift ideas and see what you can buy your self-employed friends! 

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Targus 16" Classic Topload Laptop Case

There are plenty of briefcases that are gender-neutral and are essential for anyone who has a business. Whether it’s to transport their laptop, files, information, or even any prototypes or products, this is a great gift to buy someone who often attends events, conferences, or includes travel into their business. The Targos 16” is an excellent bag with a variety of purposes suitable for the business folks. 

Mouse Mat for Laptop 

Origin'L Fabric® 7.5"x8"x1/8" Antimicrobial Mouse Pad

For people who use laptops, which is the majority of the remote workers,  it may be a good idea to buy a mouse mat for them so that they can have more accuracy with their work when they use their mouse. Check out the Origin’L mat with a funky design for inspiration.

New Screen Monitor 


This is an excellent investment, but a new screen monitor can significantly impact someone’s working life. It can make their work easier to manage and create a better screen image, which can improve productivity. An HP screen monitor is a well-known brand with an excellent long term reputation.

Wireless headphones/Noise Cancelling Headphones 

V5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

These are a must-have for anybody working from home. From the sounds of the outdoors to kids and other interferences, noise-canceling headphones are really important. Wireless headphones can also be a great gift idea because it allows the worker to continue listening to music or any audio sounds while they are away from their desk. The V5.0 wireless headphones are a great choice.

Personalized Mugs 

Create Virtual Sample  Download Previous Next 16 Oz. Bistro Ceramic Mug

Everyone needs a coffee break, whether they like to admit it or not. You can get them a personalized mug that shows how much you care. Make it even more personal by adding their name, their job title, some type of phrase, or joke that reflects them well. Check out these adorable Bistro Ceramic mugs to impress your remote working friend.


Working from home means that you can wear whatever you want. So some cool apparel that relates to their job can be a really fun way to ensure they’re always comfortable and stylish. Take a look at 1339 Tryon for branded apparel to impress your friend. 

Power Banks 

iBoost2 Mobile Device Charger with Gift Box

Power banks are important because remote workers often have to rely on their own power sources on the go or even in their office. A power bank can help charge any technology, which is a very practical gift. You could opt for the iBoost 2 power bank to keep your friend’s iPhone and laptop charged and ready for action. 


Business Card Magnet

Dressing up your office space can be fun by adding magnets to your filing cabinets. They look fun and cute and can dress up in space. A business card magnet can provide a professional touch with some twist and style. 

Maths Set 

Eclipse Bonded Leather Zippered Portfolio With Calculator

Despite the remote work that your friend does, a calculator and mathematics set will always be useful. A mathematics set can help your remote working friend calculate their finances,  fees, and stay on top of their cash flow. Check out the Eclipse Professional Set, a math geek design for your remote friend. 


These are a fun way to give your friend a little pick-me-up at the end of the week. Whether it’s a food voucher for one of their favorite restaurants or online take-out service or somewhere that they can get themselves a little treat! Buy a Deliveroo voucher! 

Pop Sockets for Phones 

PopSockets® Swappable PopGrip

These are great for anyone, but when you work from home, having your phone propped up properly could be really beneficial. A pop socket allows you to keep your phone in different positions; whether that’s watching a video or hooking it onto something, it’s very practical. Check out Pop sockets Swappable Pop-Grip for an amazing and stylish convenience. 

Apple Watch

This is a great way to help save time. The Apple Watch has everything you could need, from making calls quickly to keeping track of your health. It is a great tool for those who work from home to ensure that they are getting enough exercise, managing their time wisely, and can access their contact information quickly.

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External Hard Drive/Flash Drive 

USB Fold Flash Drive

These are perfect for people who use a lot of information daily and need to back up a lot of important files. They can store numerous data at once, which means that they can free up room on their laptop and not worry about losing any files. You could opt for a UMAX flash drive to keep everything safe and secure.  


Rambler Backpack

A good backpack will always serve you well. It is a safe and secure way to transport your office supplies with you and provide the proper support to protect your back. This is to prevent additional pressure on your back and shoulders to avoid injuries. If you are interested in a gift like that for your remote friend, check out the Rambler Backpack today.

Blue Light Glasses 

The lighting from screens can take a toll on your eyes, so investing in a pair of blue light glasses helps take the glare off the screen, which can assist with migraines, headaches, and eye fatigue. The Inca glasses provide some really great glasses here at Ambr Eyewear. 

A New Desk Chair 

Create Virtual Sample  Download Next Executive Task Chair

Working from home means investing in a good chair, so if you know someone who may need a new addition to their office, a desk chair is a perfect gift. It allows them to sit comfortably while they slay away on their projects. The desk chair can support their lumbar region and keeps the aches and pains at a minimum. In fact, an executive leather desk chair would be the perfect gift for comfort and style during a busy workday.

Travel Documents Folder

Travel Documents Folder with Standard Luggage Design (10 1/4"x4 1/2")

When someone works from home, they may have to travel to meet people, so keeping their documents safe is very important. Fortunately, the Travel Document Folder With Standard Luggage Design can do just that.

Stress Relievers 

a-Roma™ Ball Scented Stress Ball

Every job comes with stress, and being able to release some of the tension while you’re on the go is a great way to feel better. Some of these stress relievers even come with a bonus like the Roma Ball which is scented orange that adds a little bit of flavor to your life. 

Water Bottle 

Aurora 18 oz Copper-Lined Bottle

Drinking plenty of water is vital for our health, and when we are working hard, it’s really important to keep hydrated to eradicate headaches and eye issues as the day goes by. The aurora 18 Custom Mug is a great stylish water bottle that looks stunning and will serve its purpose for hydration.

Business Card Holders 

Create Virtual Sample  Download Next Executive Business Card Holder

This is a really important gift for those who have business cards on the go. For anyone who takes their business cards everywhere, having a reliable folder is convenient and stylish, especially when your remote working friend pulls them out to share with potential clients. You could opt for the Executive Card Holder, which impresses clients with it’s professional and elegant appeal along with its functionality.

Bottom Line

Overall, there are a plethora of gifts available to those individuals working from home. These branded gifts come in a variety of price ranges; some are more affordable while others are more expensive. It depends on your budget and what you are looking for.

 Office supplies are practical and vital for any remote worker. These gifts can make their work easier and help boost their productivity. After all, working from home can be tricky in certain aspects, from setting up an office space to getting the right equipment to ensure the work can continue professionally and efficiently. 

So why not help your remote working loved ones succeed by getting them a gift from 1338 Tryon to give them a little boost of functionality and morale, and keep them happy and healthy! The gift choices are endless, so which one will you choose? 

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