8 Ways to Extend your Marketing Messages Post-Event

After your guests leave your event venue, your work has just begun. It’s time to begin your marketing post-event. 

When it comes to engaging with your potential customers after an event, it is more than nurturing them to take action and increase your ROI. The key is to keep the attendees interested in engaging with your brand.

At 1338Tryon, we know the value of strong, yet personal branding. Here are some useful marketing post-event ideas that you should consider.

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Ask for Feedback

Creating a post-event survey is the simplest way to measure the attendees’ satisfaction. The results allow you to know what went well and what went wrong. 

Create a survey and send it at least 12 hours after an event. Ask them why they agreed to come to the event, what they liked best, and what you can improve on. Ask recipients to rate different factors about the event.

The questions can revolve around the following.

  • How they enjoyed various workshops
  • How they would rate the clarity of the speakers
  • How much they liked the venue
  • If the food was great
  • If the customer care was courteous and helpful

If there’s a part that receives a low rating like five and below, requests the recipient to give reasons. Be sure to give incentives for your survey with a discount or something to encourage participation. Providing an incentive for them to fill out as this information will be extremely valuable in planning future events. You can give survey-takers a raffle ticket for a prize like the one below, personalized with your brand name or logo.

New York Oversized Mug - 18 Oz.

New York Oversized Mug – 18 Oz.

Extend your marketing messages with 1338Tryon.

Create a Networking Event

Consider setting up a small follow-up event where attendees who connected with each other can meet again. The goal of a follow-up event should be to allow attendees to mingle and get to know each other even better.

The event can be held remotely or live. In both cases, you need a facilitator. If attendees were from different locations, find geographical locations that are convenient for everyone.

If you want to do this the simple way, you can create a forum where your moderator facilitates discussions about anything related to the event. Individuals who attended your event have similar interests and needs, and discussions among them help in keeping the name of your brand fresh in their minds.

A follow-up event can further enhance your brand’s customer experience.

Vlog and Blog For Stronger Marketing Post-Event Results

wordpress blogging about coffee

Vlogging and blogging are seen as effective pre-event tasks. However, they’re equally powerful as marketing post-event ideas.

After your event, revamp your posts. You already have plenty of materials for these.

Here are some ideas on things to add to your vlog or blog after the event.

  • A thank you message for your attendees
  • Event highlights and testimonials
  • A post-even discount or offer limited to attendees
  • A collection of GIFs and memes from the events
  • An extensive blog about the product or service that was promoted on the event

This can be done on your social media platforms but it may not allow you to get into details.

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Follow-up with a Thank You Gift

YETI® Customized Rambler™ 20 oz. Tumbler

YETI® Customized Rambler™ 20 oz. Tumbler

Was there anything your audience asked for more information on? Did they request samples? This is a great opportunity for you to keep the conversation going year round. 

Your attendees did you a huge favor by supporting your event. Although you may consider sending a personalized thank you email enough, you might consider doing more to enhance your marketing post-event results.

Show your appreciation by giving your guests something of value like a discount code. Something tangible is also appealing. Try mailing them a hand-written appreciation card accompanied by a gift card.

A thank you card should be sent after 24 hours of the event. However, you can send gifts later to show you haven’t forgotten their act. Consider also using promo products to add even more impact for your brand.

Once you organize another event, send them an early bird special deal or a personal invitation. Make it clear to the recipients that it’s your way of saying thank you for attending your past event.

Build Relationships through Social Media Contests

social media icons

Some of your attendees may experience post-event blues. Therefore, you want to keep the fun of the event fresh.

Give your guests something small to look forward to. This can be accomplished by a social media contest with a prize.

You don’t have to go overboard with the contest. You can use a funny photo or caption contest of a photo taken during the event using the event hashtag. The winner can be the participant who gets more votes or likes.

The entries become user-generated ideas that further market your brand after the event. Send an email announcing the winner and the runner-up. Be sure to give other individuals a consolation prize. Such as a code for a small discount.

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Extend Event-Only Offers for Marketing Post-Event

The day after your successful event is an opportunity to push your goal. If you launched your products at the event and sold it at a discount price, offer it at the same price for the next 24 hours. This option should only be available to your guests.

This goes to a charity event too. Continue talking about the amount of money you raised and keep encouraging others to contribute.

Analyze Your Data

After every event, you’ll learn a lot about your business and products from the feedback you get from your guests. 

Use this data to understand the customer needs and tweak your services to match the requirements. Your guests are a representation of your other potential buyers. Consider this data the next time you want to launch a new product.

Adjust Your “Ideal Guest Profile”

Before the event happened, all your profiles were probably based on your idea of your “ideal persona.” Now you’ve met and interacted with your ideal buyer.

Now adjust your guest profile based on this information. You may desire to gear your campaign towards men or women. You may also use any demographic data.

You may have to plan your next guest profile. And with all this data, get started on your next event planning. With a good analysis, you’re likely to get more people to attend your next event using the insights. 

Encourage the guests to take the required action.

Give These Marketing Post-Event Ideas a Try

An event shouldn’t end once you part ways with your guests. It would help if you took advantage of the event-blues. Encourage your guests to boost brand management, spread the word to other potential buyers, and build a loyal community.

Use some of these marketing post-event ideas to stay on your guests’ minds long after the occasion. For more tips on holding successful brand events, visit our blog.

For more tips on using promo items to make your event a memory, check out this article.

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