11 Best Corporate Products to Offer

Determining the best custom promotional products for your business takes a lot of research. Do you want something intriguing, or are you looking to be classic? Whichever way you decide to go, there are an infinite amount of options from which to choose. 

Having clients and employees wearing branded products is a great way to advertise your company. 

Here, we narrowed down the best custom products to offer. From classic to more unique and meaningful options, this is our list of the best corporate products to offer.

12 Best Corporate Products To Offer

Travel Products


Grey Drawstring backpack with zippers.


When you’re thinking about the best product to promote your brand, having a universally useful product is always a good place to start. 

Advertising on the back of a drawstring backpack has so many benefits. Drawstring backpacks tend to have a lot of surface area, so you have a lot of room to work with when deciding where to put your logo. 

People tend to grab these when they are on the go either traveling or doing outdoor activities, so there is potential for a lot of exposure.

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Do you want to advertise with a custom backpack of your choice? Click here to check out this product! 


Face Maks?

Grey Drawstring backpack with zippers.


Protect while you promote! Maintain a healthy environment for employees and customers with a custom face mask! 

These face masks are made of soft cotton and washable. Our world is always on the go, so advertising on a custom face mask can reach a lot of potential clients!


Do you want to advertise while maintaining a healthy workplace? Click here to check out these custom face masks!

Tote Bag

Corporate Products Eco-Friendly Tote Bag


Eco-friendly products are a great way to show your clients that your company is doing your part. This customizable tote bag is biodegradable and the perfect size to advertise on. 

Tote bags are a great giveaway option because, like backpacks, they are taken to various places. All of your customers will be able to advertise your products all over town!

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Do you like the idea of eco-friendly tote bags? Click here to learn more about these products!

Zip-Up Jacket

Grey zip-up jacket corporate products


Advertising your brand on a zip-up jacket is such an efficient way to promote your brand! Zip-up jackets are used every day in a variety of situations.

If your customers or employees are traveling and want something warm to put on, why not have them reach for a jacket with your logo on it? 

Having the name of your business on a custom sleek zip-up is a great way to keep your name in your customer’s minds.

Do you want to check out a custom zip-up jacket? Click here to see our collection! 


Outdoor Products

Water Bottle

Reuseable Water Bottles Corporate Products


Custom water bottles are a top-notch custom product to offer. A custom water bottle with your company’s logo will be used everywhere from the beach to the gym.

Products like water bottles are a great way to introduce new hires to the workplace or as a swag giveaway! 

These water bottles are stainless steel and insulated and can be customized in a variety of ways.


Do you want to advertise with some insulated water bottles? Click here to check out your options! 


Fanny Pack

Multiple colored fanny packs


Fanny packs have made a comeback, and they are used in a variety of situations. For travelers who want to keep their essentials close by, to adventurers hiking the trails, fanny packs are a great giveaway that everyone can use.

Having your logo on a fanny pack opens up the potential for your business to be seen in even the most obscure places!

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Convinced you want to advertise on a fanny pack? Click here to check out your options! 

Tech Products

Power Bank

Black and blue charging banks

Having an uncharged phone is unacceptable in this day and age. Power banks are essential for clients on the go. 

Advertising on a power bank will have your clients thinking of your business every time they reach into their bag to charge their phone, and that’s a lot.  

Do you want to use a power bank to help you clients get through their day? Click here to find out more information. 


Airpod Case

multiple colored custom AirPods cases

Customizing AirPod cases are an innovative way to advertise your business. These AirPod cases come with a cut-out port that allows the AirPods to charge while still in the case!

This is a great giveaway option or even an enticing gift for clients or new hires!

Did you like the innovative idea of advertising on AirPods? Click here to see more! 


Office Products

Stress Ball

Green and yellow pineapple stress ball

Life can be stressful; your clients know that very well! Why not provide them with a little fun-sized stress relief?

Stress balls, like this one, are perfect small promotional products that anyone can enjoy! You can give these away with swag bags or individually as part of a promotional event!

Do you want to help your customers relieve some stress? Click here to see all about our products. 


Business Card Holder?

Carbon fiber business card holder

Branding on a product like this business card holder can have your clients feeling organized and protected. 

This RFID aluminum case is the perfect promotional gift for customers who value their safety. This holder disrupts cyber hacking as it prevents data transfer between the scanning device and your credit card.  

Giving your clients security is something they will never forget. Click here to see all of the specs this cardholder has to offer. 

Personal Organizer

Custom personal organizer


Having everything you need when you are entering a meeting is crucial. Having a premium branded product, like this personal organizer, will have your clients remembering your name every time they come to a meeting. 

This personal organizer has a sleeve for a tablet, pens, a notebook, and business cards. This is a great product to give to high profile clients who want to know that you care.

Keep your clients organized with this personal organizer! Click here to learn more information.


Customizing products to advertise your brand is one of the most effective ways to see your company grow. 

Branding traditional swag like drawstring backpacks and stress balls are great at giveaways and promotional events. On the other hand, standing out with AirPod cases and Personal organizers are unique products that clients and new hires won’t forget!

When you figure out what is best for your company and brand products, the results will be undeniable.

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