Developing a Memorable Brand Identity in 2021

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To stand out in 2021, businesses need a memorable brand identity that will resonate with their target consumers. For a brand identity to be strong, it needs to be consistent across all marketing efforts. Consistent branding can increase revenue by 33%.

We’ll cover the importance of brand identity and its development to attract loyal, consistent customers. By researching and creating a viable marketing strategy, you’ll be able to create a powerful brand identity.


Why is Brand Identity so Important?

There are several key reasons for brand identity development:

Consumers Buy from Brands They Recognize

Consumers prefer to buy from known brands that they trust. But to gain familiarity and trust, consumers need to see your brand five to seven times before they will remember it.

Strong Branding Identity Boosts Visibility and Loyalty

Part of your brand identity is your visual design, but it also includes customer service, values, and communication voice. When your visual design, targeted messaging, and quality services are striking, then you’ll attract customers over your competitors.

And 89% of consumers will be loyal to brands that share their values. So your messaging needs to speak to values that are important to your target audiences. To reach your audience, you’ll need to create a memorable brand identity.

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Creating a color palette for the brand identity


Creating a Strong Memorable Brand Identity

To develop a strong brand identity, you’ll want to follow these steps whether you’re building a new brand or rebranding an existing company or product.

1. Determine the Purpose Behind the Brand

Before defining your visual design and messaging, you need to determine your company or product’s purpose. By establishing a purpose for your business, you can define values, the value proposition, and the mission statement. These elements will drive the design and messaging.

To help define your purpose, you need to identify:

  • What products and services does your business sell?
  • What problems does your company solve?
  • What differentiates your business from your competitors?
  • Why should customers care about your business?

These answers will define your voice, message, and visual design.

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2, Research is Key to Brand Identity Development

Once you understand your purpose, you need to research your competitors and your target audience. You’ll want to conduct a SWOT analysis on your competitors and their brand identity. By analyzing their messaging, marketing strategies, and design, you’ll be able to find ways to stand out from your competitors.

Knowing who your target audience is also critical to successful brand identity development. The more you know about your target audience, the more you will learn how to tailor your brand identity to resonate with your potential customers. You need to know:

  • Who are your ideal consumers?
  • What motivates your customer, and do they have goals or pain points?
  • What is the demographic and general location of your customer?
  • Do they buy on a budget?

Tapping into customer feedback is key to creating a cohesive message that they’ll remember and value.

3. Visual Design is Critical

Once you know your audience and purpose, it’s time to create a visual design that speaks to your consumers. You’ll need to create:

  • A logo: A logo is the most critical element that needs to follow the golden rules of design.
  • Color palette: Choose cohesive colors that appeal to your customers and leverage color psychology. Using consistent signature colors can increase brand recognition by 80%.
  • Website: Your online presence needs to create an appealing user experience.
  • Typography: One to three easy-to-read fonts that are unique and powerful.

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4. Social Media Communication Needs Cohesion

Messaging is critical, and it needs to have a consistent voice across all social media platforms. By creating a consistent brand message across platforms, your business can increase revenue by up to 23%.

To create a consistent brand message and voice, you’ll need to identify how you want to communicate to your target audience. Then you need to speak to how your company solves their pain points and fulfills their needs.

5. Utilize a Brand Style Guide to Manage Your Brand Identity

brand style guide repository of how employees can use the company’s visual design elements and messaging to create a consistent brand identity. You’ll need to manage, monitor and police whether marketing materials adhere to the brand style guide.

6. Monitor Performance Metrics to Measure Results

Before launching your brand identity, you may want to run focus groups or get customer feedback on which messaging appeals the most to them and how they feel about the visual design elements. You can gather a lot of feedback from:

  • Social media discussions, surveys, and ads
  • AB Testing for ads
  • Website and social comments

By learning from customer feedback, you can adjust or pivot before the company launches its new brand.


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The Key to Develop a Strong Brand Identity is Planning and Research

By doing the work initially, you’ll be able to craft meaningful and resounding messaging and visual design that encompasses the values and voice of your business. Ensure that you create a branding style guide and monitor your marketing materials for consistency and professionalism.

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