Employee Engagement

Use Branded Merchandise To Build A Corporate Brand That Resonates With Employees

Using branded merchandise as part of your employee recruitment, retention, and re-engagement strategy can be a highly effective approach to bolster your company’s identity and build stronger relationships with your workforce. Branded merchandise serves as a tangible representation of your organization’s culture and values, contributing to a positive employer brand and helping you stand out in a competitive job market. In this digital age, when remote work is prevalent and virtual connections are the norm, the tactile nature of branded merchandise can make a significant impact on employee engagement.


Attraction and Appeal: 85% of recipients remembered the advertiser on a promotional product they received, emphasizing the lasting impact of branded merchandise. This means that offering branded merchandise during the recruitment process can significantly increase your company’s visibility and appeal to potential hires.

Enhanced Hiring Success: Organizations that use promotional products in their recruitment process experience a 34% increase in their overall hiring success rate. Branded merchandise can set a positive tone and make your company more memorable during interviews, contributing to better hiring outcomes.

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Fostering Loyalty: 71% of employees who received branded merchandise as recognition felt more loyal to their organizations. Branded merchandise fosters a sense of belonging and commitment among your employees, ultimately contributing to improved retention rates.

Increased Productivity: A report by Forbes indicated that 81% of employees who received branded promotional products felt more motivated and engaged in their work. When employees feel recognized and appreciated through branded merchandise, their motivation and productivity soar.


Improving Morale: 56% of employees report an increase in morale when they received branded merchandise from their employers. This boost in morale can be a game-changer for re-engaging disheartened employees.

Strengthening Teams: 71% of employees who received branded merchandise believed it helped to strengthen team dynamics. Using branded merchandise for team-building activities can contribute to better collaboration and a more engaged workforce.

Brand Visibility: 55% of consumers have at least one promotional product in their homes, with an average of 10 items. Branded merchandise worn or used by employees outside of work acts as a powerful advertising tool, extending your brand’s reach and attracting new talent who may be influenced by these impressions.

Cost-Effective Marketing: Promotional products cost less per impression than most other forms of advertising, making them a cost-effective marketing tool. On average, they generate 3,400 impressions over their lifespan. This long-lasting impact increases brand recognition and can lead to the attraction of top talent.

Sustainability: Eco-friendly branded merchandise is perceived as more attractive by 42% of consumers. As sustainability becomes a key consideration for employees, incorporating eco-friendly branded merchandise into your strategy aligns with the expectations of environmentally conscious candidates.

Why Use Branded Merch To Reach Your Human Resource Goals?

The data speaks volumes about the effectiveness of branded merchandise for employee recruitment, retention, and re-engagement. The numbers show that it’s not just a feel-good strategy but a tangible, results-driven approach to creating a compelling employer brand, boosting employee satisfaction, and achieving better business outcomes.

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