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There is no denying that remote working has increased massively over the past few months. In light of COVID-19, a lot of businesses have been forced to operate out of their homes. To ensure that productivity levels are kept high, and employees are motivated, you need to encourage them to create a great office environment. A lot of businesses have invested in desks and ergonomic chairs for their workforce, for instance. One way that you can make your employees feel appreciated is by purchasing them a home office gift. Below, we will take a look at some of the best suggestions to give you a helping hand.

– Snack subscription – 

Subscription boxes have become very popular in recent years. There are now many different snack subscription boxes you can choose from. We would recommend opting for healthy yet tasty snack boxes for your workers. You can select the subscription to last for as long as they will be working from home. This will put a smile on your employees’ faces while also ensuring that they are getting the nutrition they need to be healthy and productive. 

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– A color page scanner – 

This is one of those products that you never know you need until you find that you really, really need one, if you get what we mean! If your employees are frequently using contracts, submitting expense reports, or saving receipts, they will find a lot of use for a page scanner. These scanners tend to be powered via USB, scanning several pages per minute. This can help your workers to be much more efficient while at home.

– Wireless charger – 

You can make your employees’ lives a lot easier with a wireless charger. Make sure you look for a charger that is going to be compatible with most phones. For example, this Air Wireless Charger from Factory Direct is compatible with both Samsung and Apple phones. You can purchase it at 1338Tryon. You can also brand the charger so that it has your business’ colors and logo included. The cost of these chargers is low, so you’re not going to have to spend a lot of money to get your entire workforce kitted out. It will help them to keep their desk organized and ensure they do not have loose wires everywhere. 

– Headphones – 

A good pair of headphones is always going to be appreciated by your at-home workforce. This will enable them to stream their favorite music while working or listen in on a conference call without trouble. Lots of fabulous headphones are out there today, so you should have no trouble finding something affordable and portable. 

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– A scented candle – 

It does not have to all be about technology when it comes to purchasing gifts for your employees who are working from home. You can buy them something that will make their office environment a lot nicer to be in. This is what a scented candle will achieve. It will make a space a lot cozier, brightening up the area and making it more enjoyable for them to be in. Some scents can help with concentration, productivity, and calmness, so choose your scents with care. 

– Temperature control smart mug – 

Most employees worldwide will agree on one thing: coffee is essential to get through the day! You can help your employees ensure they get their daily coffee dose by purchasing a temperature-controlling mug. Most of these mugs are battery-powered, and they make sure that every sip the person takes is going to be toasty. The charging coaster keeps the mug working all day long. You will know how much of a reasonable investment this is if you have ever experienced that frustrating moment when you drink your coffee, and it is cold because you have been working so hard! 

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– Memory foam seat cushion – 

If your employees are going to be working at their desks for hours on end, it is important to make sure that they are comfortable, right? You can be sure that this is the case by purchasing a memory foam seat cushion for your workforce. This means that sitting on their bum for hours and hours on end is going to be a lot more comfortable! This is especially beneficial for those who are yet to invest in an office chair for their home. You’d be surprised by how much of your workforce is probably set-up at the dining table!

– A potted plant – 

Another way to make sure that your employees have a pleasant working environment is purchasing a pretty potted plant that can keep them company while they are working. Not only do potted plants look great, but they promote better airflow and working conditions as well. Therefore, they offer way more benefits than most people realize when it comes to home working environments. 

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– Desk exercise equipment – 

Last but not least, sitting at a computer for hours on end is not healthy; however, it is essential for many jobs. There is an answer to this, though, and that’s desk exercise equipment. One of the best solutions we have seen is an under-desk elliptical. This means that your employees can sit at their office desk and workout while they are working. They can pedal away quietly while they are busy doing admin work or replying to emails. It is the ultimate in multi-tasking and can help to keep your workforce healthy, which is, of course, important. 

As you can see, there are a number of great gift ideas that you can make the most of when it comes to creating the perfect home office environment for your employees. If a large chunk of your employees is now working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, let them know that you appreciate them and help create the perfect office environment for your workforce so that they can operate efficiently and effectively home.

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