How To Create a New Employee Welcoming Kit

New employees often stress out during the first week of work; after all, there is a lot at stake. The first day can be exciting and frightening at the same time. Newcomers are often filled with optimism and eagerness to get started and to get to know everyone. When they walk through the doors, they are unfamiliar with various areas in the building. They usually wait anxiously for someone to guide them to their desk and projects.

Now imagine giving a new employee a fantastic welcoming kit. This is an excellent opportunity for employers to win over a new team member. Keep in mind that the first impression is everything and can inspire them to work harder and stay longer with the company. Fortunately, 1338Tryon has the perfect gift to welcome new talents and to make sure that employers don’t show up empty-handed.

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Why Employee Onboarding Matters

In a competitive war for the top talents, companies need to do whatever they can to attract and retain experienced and skillful workers. All of this starts with how employers approach onboarding employees. Keep in mind the new hires who experience poor onboarding experience may end up searching for a new job to find something better. 

This is especially true for millennials, who are notorious for “job hopping” and are more likely than the previous generation to leave if they feel like they don’t fit in with the company. Since millennials make up the majority of the workforce, organizations must prepare for their arrival.

With that in mind, here are the reasons why employee onboarding matters:

  • Introducing them to the workplace environment
  • Increasing employee retention
  • Easing them into life at the office
  • Inspire employee engagement
  • Familiarize them with the company’s brand and priorities

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Why an Employee Welcoming Kit Can Help

A new employee welcoming kit is an excellent tool that plays various roles in the marketing arena, like boosting the employer’s brand. However, it should not be a replacement for benefits and cultural factors, but it still makes a difference in sparking the employee’s interest to stay.

Here are some reasons why an employee onboarding kit is a must-have:

Inspire Employee Engagement

 A well-crafted employee onboarding kit can spark engagement, advocacy, and pride. People tend to carry water bottles, t-shirts, or gears from the companies that they support. Giving employees new gears that represent the company can turn them into significant promoters of the brand. 

A common quote that practically all companies agreed upon is, “people are our greatest asset.” People are more likely to listen to what the company’s employees have to say about them than what the ad campaign reveals. That is why attracting new talents relies on employee advocacy and engagement.

Promote Company Culture

The new employee kit is a great way to show new talents what the company is all about. Reading up about the company on the website is different from actually experiencing it. With a new hiring kit, it’s a strategic way of welcoming new employees and giving them a peek of the company’s culture.

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Making New Hires Feel Welcome

handshaking new employee

During the first couple of months, employees are still feeling out whether they fit in the company or not. A thoughtful company would create an onboarding kit to get rid of any uneasiness that the new hire may experience. 

This is a great idea because if the new employee receives their kit, and decided to wear a new company t-shirt the next day, it can easily help them adjust to the new environment. After all, they are more likely to walk past a coworker wearing the same shirt, and that can help strike up a good conversation. This can help the employees feel right at home and inspire them to take a step forward towards becoming lifelong employees and brand promoters.

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What Elements Should a Good Employee Welcoming Kit Have?

A man with a t-shirt that says Believe


A new employee kit should include necessary items like:

 The idea is something that will get them excited and feel welcome.

With that in mind, here is what the kit should contain:


The information part contains info that new hires need to know, it should contain:

  • Key to the building
  • Letters from the company president
  • Map of the office
  • Parking instruction
  • Checklist of everything for the first month

Useful Stationery and Desk Gears

These are the tools that help employees do their job. Stationery and desk gear items are often practical, which includes:

  • Flash drive
  • Pens
  • Notebooks
  • Laptop
  • Professional development book
  • Monitor stand
  • Mouse pad
  • Mouse

Fun Gear

This is where things get exciting and creative to make the new team feel welcome. The fun gear entails:

 These items will make people feel like they are part of the team. This is where employers enhance company culture and also bring out a meaningful message to welcome new employees.

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Examples of Items that Should Be In An Employee’s Welcoming Kit:

On the Go Stationery

Black Moleskine® Hard Cover Ruled Large Expanded Notebook

 Black Moleskine® Hard Cover Ruled Large Expanded Notebook

This classical notebook has over 400 pages and two ribbon bookmarks to keep track of new and innovative ideas. This is an excellent item to have in the kit to encourage employees to take notes, jot down ideas, and write out tasks that they need to complete.

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Deluxe Leather Wired-E Padfolio Black

Deluxe Leather Wired-E Padfolio Black

This stylish leather portfolio is an excellent executive gift. The zipper closure allows the user to carry and protect all of their technology devices. It can hold e-readers and tablets, and it has a pocket to store business cards. This padfolio is a fantastic item to have in the kit because it encourages employees to be organized and promotes a sense of professionalism.

Heathered 8 1/4″ x 4″ zippered pencil case with elastic

This pencil case can help employees keep all their pens and pencils in an organized case. They can also attach the case to a binder or notebook, so it would be ready when they need to use it. This item encourages new employees to be more efficient and organized. It also serves as a fantastic welcoming gift to let them know that the company has all the tools that they need to help them succeed. 

Useful Desk Gear

PU Desktop Organizer/Pen Holder

This high-quality desktop organizer has several storage spaces for pens, pencils, iPhones, cards, and other items. It’s a great welcoming gift to help the employees feel right at home and ready to conquer the world.

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12 Oz. Two-Tone Latte Mug

 12 Oz. Two-Tone Latte Mug

Coffee Is the most important thing to have in the morning. An adorable coffee mug with the company logo on it will show employees that the company wants nothing but the best for them. This should be an extra shot of encouragement and energy boosts that is more powerful than espresso shots.

64MB Wooden Flash Drive

64MB Wooden Flash Drive

In a world where technology is advancing faster than a racecar, the majority of the company’s work is often done on the computer. This wooden, rectangular, eco-friendly USB flash drive shows new employees how much the company cares and maximizes the efficiency and safety of their work. This flash drive will enable them to save their work for completion or review.  

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Fun Gear

Black Economy Sonic Weld Non-Woven Tote Bag w/Bottom Gusset (20″x16″x6″)

These adorable and professional tote bags can help employees carry all their work items and groceries. This bag is an excellent gift for newcomers to show them how much the company values their work and skills.

Summit Sweater-Fleece Vest

Summit Sweater-Fleece Vest

It can be cold in the office, so why not welcome new employees with a stylish heathered sweater with comfortable fleece made of 100% polyester and the presence of the company logo. It’s a combination of style and comfort that makes the employees feel welcome and part of the family.


Hit-Dry Contrasting Cap

Hit-Dry Contrasting Cap

This lightweight polyester cap is a stylish way of welcoming a new team member. It has a sweatband and water repellent material that is great for the outdoors. This is a great item for companies that have sporting events, so team members could wear the cap to bond with their colleagues and promote the brand.


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Putting It Together

The best way to put everything together is to put one or two items from the information, stationery, desk gear, and fun gear section in a box.

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When it comes to running a company or a business, it’s always an employee‘s market, and the best way for the company to stay competitive is to hire new and experienced talent. However, it’s also essential to find ways to motivate and turn new workers into lifelong employees. 

The best way to do that is a new employee hiring kit to make new talents feel welcome and at home. This can help them fit into the company’s culture, promote the brand, and get them enthusiastic about working with the team. 

With an excellent and creative new employee kit, any business can turn newcomers into family.

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