The 4 Keys to Building Brand Loyalty with Millennials

The millennial generation is roughly described as those individuals born between the years of 1981 and 1996. Sometimes referred to as “gen y,” this group of individuals was cultivated by experiences such as record rates of student debt, entering the job market on the cusp of the 2008 financial crisis, and perhaps most notably, they’re the first generation to be known as “digital natives.”

As the first digital natives, millennials are no stranger to the never-ending stream of advertisements that seem to show up across TVs, computers, phones, and all other digital devices. Even more than just general ads on devices, millennials are also accustomed to a large number of advertisements on social media platforms that millennials and younger generations have so integrally placed at the forefront of their lives.

With the constant, high-sensory advertisements that millennials are exposed to on a virtually daily (if not hourly) basis, it becomes critical to understand the importance of the power of a brand’s image, further, the power of strong brand loyalty. Follow these four essential components of your branding strategy to tap into the millennial consumer’s strong economic and social power. Whether you integrate these tips into your branded merchandise or expand them to all aspects of your brand image and messaging, you’ll be happy that you did.


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Tips for Building Brand Loyalty


Whether you’re hoping to focus on your brand’s visual component or the cognitive association that consumers have with it, you’ll want to integrate these tips to capture the millennial market’s attention.


1. Authenticity


Perhaps more than any other generation, millennials are increasingly critical of the “person” a brand is: the kind of social behaviors and causes that the brand stands for. When it comes to branding, you’ll want to focus less on making a sales pitch and more on creating an authentic connection with the diverse needs or wants that the millennial consumer might have.

Millennials will be sure to note your brand’s association with social trends, the actions that they take in moments of societal importance, and the awareness your brand has of the communities that they impact. These actions could fall into several categories, including environmental-consciousness, transparency of labor and material sourcing, and more. Rather than trying to convince millennials that they need your product, try to persuade them with your branding that you’re a company worth supporting.


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2. Aesthetics


As previously stated, the digital world has launched millennials (and consumers of all ages) into a maze of digital brand stimulation: some better than others. When it comes to visual branding, you want the consumer to be drawn to you, not for your sophisticated use of shape and color, but for the simplicity and minimalist appeal it offers.

Aesthetics may not be as crucial as authenticity, efficacy, and transparency. Still, once you get a consumer to consider your brand, you have to consider what might help someone spend money on your brand rather than the brand next to it. Look at the branding for many of the popular products millennials are using today. Whether it’s consumer electronics, bottled water, or cosmetics, less is more!


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3. Multi-Channel Marketing


If you think having a Twitter and Instagram account is enough to market your brand, think again. Brand marketing extends even further than merely digital marketing. You must consider all potential marketing options, including branded merchandise, to engage audiences utilizing multiple mediums. When a brand offers more than one way to engage with their brand and the loyalty that consumers have with it, the larger and more loyal their customer-base becomes.

A lot of the decisions and opinions consumers hold are driven by the people that are around them. Whether they say see your brand on a shirt or bag, or on a social media page, the more the merrier. Seeing your brands supported by family and friends may be one of the most influential means by which brands can expand and strengthen their loyal consumer base.


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4. Reward Systems


If there’s one thing that millennials learned coming out of the financial crisis of 2008, it’s the importance of value. Brands that offer opportunities for consumers to save money will likely be heavily rewarded. Coupons, reward systems, and referral programs are not only great ways to get the consumer to make that purchase with your brand but helps them to cognitively associate the good value your brand is able to provide.

Reward systems and offering good-value items is a great way to contribute to your multi-channel marketing as well. Whether this means sharing special deals through social media that consumers can share, or simply letting word-of-mouth advertising lead the way toward expanding your audience, you’ll be happy that you offered a solid deal to your growing number of brand followers.


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Creating Brand Loyalty with 1338Tryon


Creating the brand loyalty that your business desires doesn’t have to be a difficult task. If anything, marketing has become less demystified with millennials. They simply want to support transparent brands that support solid causes whilst bringing simplicity and ease to their life.

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