The Importance of Tangible Marketing: A 2021 Business Guide

It seems the era of digital marketing gains more traction (and a larger slice of our marketing budgets) every year. Online users are bombarded with messages from companies every time they open their social media accounts or favorite web pages. In 2021, digital advertising alone will account for $389 billion from marketing budgets around the world. However, in this highly competitive space, droves of companies are struggling to find better ways of getting noticed while improving their message to customers.

To cut through the digital noise, companies are returning to tried and true methods of reaching their audiences. Tangible marketing is so good at improving company images because people love receiving useful and well-designed items. In this article, we’ll explain the importance and many benefits of tangible marketing that can stretch your budget while gaining the hearts of prospective and loyal customers.


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What is Tangible Marketing?


Tangible marketing puts real, concrete items in the hands of your B2B or B2C customers that can speak volumes about your brand. Merchandise like branded t-shirts, technology items,  buttons, and lanyards are perfect for giving away at tradeshows and other opportunities to meet with potential customers because they give them something to hold on to, use, and talk about — for years! Using promotional items in this way can boost customer recognition and loyalty rates through the roof if done correctly.

Making your brand more memorable with quality promotional items can give some much-needed tactility to service-based businesses or any company. Giving branded items away improves customer loyalty because people love receiving free gifts and swag to better remember events. Tangible items can range from print materials like notepads, brochures, and direct mail, to awards, hats, or sunglasses.


Top of Mind & Tip of Tongue


Nothing is as good at keeping your brand’s presence top of mind as a mug, pen, or bag that your customer or client uses every day. 89% of consumers can remember a company they received a promotional product from in the last two years. Tangible marketing items can last for years and sometimes entire careers! The sheer longevity of tangible products makes an incredibly strong potential for their ROI. Additionally, tangible materials have a much longer lifespan than fleeting digital advertisements.

Think of your brand adorning your customers’ fridges with magnets, their desks with notepads and mugs. Your items can last for years, unlike a promotional email or a banner ad which will more than likely be ignored. People tend to hang on to promotional items for long periods of time, and all the while, your message is there to remind them of your products and services. Having your brand name and logo staring at your target audience all day is the marketer’s dream come true!


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Building Sensory Connection & Credibility


Tangible marketing can build a connection with your customers or clients, unlike any other form of advertising. Giving your potential customers a tactile connection with your brand can build relationships beyond a one-time purchase of a product. They can create advocates for your company that help to grow your recognition and improve your image. It is especially important to give the best quality products to your customers that send the right message. You want your promotional items to impart a positive sensory experience to them, which is why you should choose an experienced promotional service provider like 1338Tryon. Your items should be durable and pleasing to the eye and touch to ensure the best experience.

Tangible marketing efforts are received much better than digital marketing pop-ups, emails, or other ads that customers aren’t exactly over the moon about. Hasty marketing emails or digital ads can actually give customers a reason not to click or open them because they aren’t as credible and may harbor a phishing scam or virus. On the other hand, tangible marketing materials only give value to your customer, something that they won’t soon forget.


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Booklets and buttons on desk


The Power of Engaged Customers


Getting customers and clients engaged with your brand is no easy task. Promotional items connect buyers and sellers by giving them something to talk about. Putting a quality piece of merchandise in the hands of people will get them talking to both you and their friends!

Connection events like trade shows, conferences, or other gatherings can be taken to the next level of exposure with a perfect selection of promotional materials. Whether your customer enters a drawing for a branded messenger bag or you give them a charming custom USB drive, your items will engage and drive attention toward your company.




You would think that such a powerful way to engage your customers while improving brand recognition and loyalty would come at a formidable cost, but you would be wrong. Tangible marketing costs pale in comparison to costly digital and traditional marketing campaigns.

Tangible marketing is one of the best investments for growing companies to multiply their recognition and perception. Customers who receive quality promotional swag and products from companies view them much more favorably. Studies have found that customers who hadn’t received a promotional product had a 55% chance of doing business with a company, whereas that figure jumped to 85% percent when they had received a product or gift.


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Tangible marketing is an indispensable method to improve conversion and boost brand exposure to new heights. Most people have promotional items in their kitchens, living rooms, and offices. They tend to keep useful items for years and are more likely to use your company’s products and services over competitors. In 2021 be sure to save some of your marketing dollars to engage your customers while building a connection with them that will last for years to come.


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