Heather Comerford

Heather has spent most of her career focusing on enhancing the brands of Fortune 500 companies like NIKE, Daimler, Intel, HP, Clorox and Banfield Pet Hospitals. She is an accomplished brand relationship developer focused on enhancing client brand recognition and loyalty through branded merchandise and apparel, incentive/reward programs, onsite event activations, and unparalleled devotion to improving all facets of business operations. Heather believes Promotion Marketing does matter and that you should go big or go home.


Work. Work. Candy. Work. Marvel Universe. Work. Being Irish. Being Bad Irish.


Heather believes that Han shot first and that you can’t be Ironman if you are always on your best behavior.


She sleeps in three hour increments so good for you if you need help on a project in the middle of the night.