Increase Employee Productivity, Creativity, Loyalty, and Innovation Through Recognition Programs

Do you want to reward excellence among your employees in a unique way? Is it time to reward your loyal staff with special awards?

You already know the importance of an employee recognition program. It’s now time to reward your team members for their achievements, milestones, and dedicated work ethic.

Increase Employee Engagement Through Recognition

We know you are proud of your team. You’ve been working with a group of talented, diligent, and dedicated people.

We also know that each team member has been chosen carefully, onboarded, and specially trained to deliver superior service.

Reward Programs Motivate Employees

That’s why you need to reward them for their achievements and faithful service year after year.

We know how tough it can be to keep your team motivated, so we have built a team that can work with your HR department to develop enviable branded recognition programs.

Our agency has the experience, expertise, and systems to study your current employee recognition and reward plans and programs. We work with you to make smart and savvy decisions to promote your brand among your employees, who also serve as your internal clients.

Recognition Creates Loyal Employees

Effective brand promotion should begin with your team members. When they feel loved and appreciated, they will gladly serve as committed brand evangelists on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn. This will bring top talent into your organization in due course.

Let's build a solid company culture together.

Benefits of Employee Recognition Programs

Let’s take responsibility for designing, developing, and implementing your worker’s recognition program. We’ll do it with minimal disruption to your daily operations, and it will deliver a host of benefits, including:

1. Building a Great Company Culture

Many employees value a great corporate culture over compensation. So we make your employees happy through programs that make them feel loved by both co-workers and management.

2. Encouraging More Employee Engagement

Through a consistent reward program, your employees can feel happier about their work and workplace. With a Gallup survey showing that only 15% of workers feel engaged at work, employee engagement is a significant benefit.

3. Providing Motivation for Better Teamwork

The recognition programs designed by 1338Tryon are ideal for congratulating and motivating teams that exceed their work targets. We are experts at creating recognition programs for rewarding both group and individual excellence.

4. Growing a Team of Great Talent

Excited awardees will boost your company’s rating on popular job sites and professional platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn. With stellar ratings on these platforms, you can attract some of the best brains and hands in your field by rewarding excellent performance.

5. Encouraging Employee Retention

It is much more costly and strenuous to hire a new employee than to keep one. Use our recognition programs to retain your best talent and grow your business faster.

Contact us today to receive more information about our employee recognition programs. Let 1338Tryon be your partner for internal brand promotion.