Product Designs That Get Your Brand Recognized

Do you need a custom-made product for your brand? Have you seen a product or brand promotion idea that is difficult to fulfill in the U.S.?

You don’t have to abandon your unique product ideas because they are difficult to achieve in our country. 

Your unique, branded product idea may be the key to attracting and retaining loyal customers. Clients who receive select promotional products are more likely to remember your brand and recommend it.

So what’s the best way to produce high-quality promotional items within a specified time?

1338Tryon—Your Global Sourcing Provider

Our global sourcing service is handled by a team of experts committed to delivering high-quality products on schedule. Our team is fully equipped to handle all the details and documentation, including:

  • Product cost estimation
  • Supplier selection
  • Product clearance
  • Legal requirements

We simplify outsourcing from foreign countries for you. You don’t have to deal with issues connected with language barriers and foreign business cultures.

Give your business and brand a competitive edge with custom-made products.

Why Choose 1338Tryon?

Our experience with branded product promotion shows that it is profitable and efficient to source from countries where their raw materials occur naturally. This offers you the following benefits:

1. Higher Value for Your Investment

Working with a reliable global outsourcing partner like 1338Tryon gives you better value for each dollar you invest in promotional products. For instance, it is more profitable to buy specific product components from reliable suppliers overseas.

2. Higher Quality Products

We guarantee all the products we source overseas are of high quality. We have a reliable network of trusted partners who handle the quality control of the products we supply.

3. Early Product Adoption

We make it easy to beat your competitors by adopting new products before them. In a highly competitive industry, the first company to offer a particular product as a gift or branded merchandise will have the edge over other competing brands. This allows you to demonstrate innovation ahead of rival businesses.

4. Tap Into New Skills

Our global sourcing partnership allows you to tap into new skills that overseas workers have but are not yet commonplace in our domestic market. Using such skills puts you ahead of competing businesses.

Product Designs for Brand Promotion

Our highly experienced team works with your marketing team to choose the right promotional items and provide overseas sourcing when needed. We focus on delivering superior quality for our esteemed clients.

Strengthen Your Brand With Global Outsourcing

Connect with us now to learn more about our global outsourcing service. It is the best way to create branded items that make your company stand out from the crowd. Let’s take care of the logistics while you focus on creating a strong bond with your clients.

Contact us to ask all your questions or to discover how to boost your marketing programs through global outsourcing.