Build Recognition With Branded Merchandise

Would you like to use more branded merchandise for marketing and business success? Do you need a reliable and creative partner for brand promotion programs?

It’s no secret that branded products boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Brand merchandise is a valuable resource for connecting with your customers, expanding brand awareness, and increasing sales.

But when it comes to creating impactful promotional products, you usually need assistance with one part – choosing the right gear to connect with your target audience.

Not all corporate organizations have the time and personnel to create detailed brand promotional programs, so it helps to have an expert brand promotion partner.

Imagine that you are planning for a trade show. You have a target to capture a few hundred qualified leads through your company’s booth. Your marketing team is busy preparing all the brochures, slide shows, and other items to display at your booth.

You realize that you need to create branded apparel because studies show that over 90% of prospects who receive a branded item will remember the brand’s name. Also, promotional products are ranked as the most impactful form of advertising for various types of clients.

Now you are pressed for time, and all your team members are occupied. How can you find a trusted, reliable partner to help you handle your marketing like your in-house staff?

We’re your new strategic branding partner.

The Solution Is Here

1338Tryon makes it easy to integrate branded products and apparel into your marketing strategy.

We had you in mind when we built a team of smart, savvy brand promotion experts to study your brand, business, and target audience.

We offer personalized service. So we will work to understand your messaging, marketing metrics, and the strategies that will work best with your audience.

What Makes Us Different From Other Brand Promotion Agencies?

At 1338Tryon, we work with companies that know the importance of producing high-quality promotional products. We emphasize delivering the best quality over price.

Why Do We Do This?

Quality wins over price in the long run.

Truly, pricing is essential. But if you invest in high-quality branded apparel, it will boost customers’ confidence in your brand. Ultimately, you’ll win their trust and loyalty.

Since we are committed to helping you edge out the competition, we focus on creating branded items that will wow your prospects, customers, and employees.

The quality of the items you give out reveals the quality of your corporate brand. So we focus on building a trustworthy brand for you with every piece of merchandise we create.

Each time your customer or prospect puts on your branded apparel, they are marketing your brand for you. The higher the quality of the branded product, the better the impression they create in the minds of prospects who see them. That’s why we strive to make you look your best in front of your clients and prospects.

Take the Next Step

Now that you know what we can do for you, why don’t you get in touch with us to discuss your brand promotion needs?

Working with us makes your job easier, faster, and more efficient. We have the experience you need to increase the success of your outreach programs. Contact us now!