5 Easy Recruiting Tips When You Are Struggling With Hires

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Businesses are currently up against one of the great puzzles of our time: hiring is easier than ever and more challenging than ever. 

Why is that?

With terms circling like ‘The Great Resignation’ and ‘Job-Hopping Generation’, it’s understandable to be wary of hiring these days. Businesses can’t succeed without a solid worker base, after all! If you’re tearing your hair out because you can’t hire or retain workers, keep reading. 

We’re going to share 5 easy recruiting tips when you are struggling with hires, all designed to get everyone on the same page. 

Tip #1: Create a More Reliable Onboarding Program

It’s hard to do a good job when you’re not given good training. Creating a reliable and straightforward onboarding program will do wonders for improving your employee retention.

According to Errin Staunton from Capella University, onboarding programs have been steadily increasing in demand for the past forty-five years. This was mainly due in response to rising employee turnover and the cost of constantly replacing workers. It’s much cheaper to keep a worker around than to cycle through new ones regularly.

An effective onboarding program trains employees and get them on the same page as everyone else. Examples include:

  • Ask intelligent questions about their qualifications or availability (save the “What’s your favorite animal?” for the water cooler!)
  • Providing valuable tools to help them transition, like training videos or pamphlets
  • Encourage them to ask questions and connect with other workers

Tip #2: Provide Flexible Work Options

What’s a notable reason behind ‘The Great Resignation’? Accessibility and scheduling play a significant role.

Did you know companies that provide remote work options — whether partially or full-time — have 25% less employee turnover than companies that don’t? Flexible work options have become the name of the game in the past few years, rising to the top of many prospective employees’ must-have list. 

If you’re worried about maintaining company culture and connection through remote work, never fear. It’s more than possible to keep all workers on the same page by remaining communicative, consistent, and flexible

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Tip #3: Don’t Neglect Human Oversight When Recruiting

With so many hiring difficulties on your plate, you may be tempted to hand stress to a hiring program, and you might make things more difficult for yourself.

Hiring algorithms have increased the risk of harmful bias and can even eliminate qualified candidates from the application pool. This isn’t to say machine learning isn’t a helpful tool! Technology has improved immensely these past several years and features such as chatbots and screening software have taken some work out of the hiring process.

However, no algorithm is a replacement for human oversight. Learning how to recruit employees effectively means keeping human management intact. Talk to prospective candidates one-on-one and meet people where they are, rather than chase after lofty standards nobody can meet. 

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Tip #4: Hire Diverse and Reap The Rewards

This tip lines up nicely with tip #3: diverse hiring practices separate good businesses from fantastic businesses.

McKinsey’s ongoing research on diverse hiring practices shows nothing but wins: ethnically diverse businesses and gender diverse financially outperform their less diverse peers by at least 15%. This number can go even higher to 35%. Recruitment tips and tricks are as simple as thinking outside the box!

You can go a step further and communicate diversity in your brand messaging to help attract qualified candidates. 

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Tip #5: Create a Solid Offboarding Process, Too

“Wait…why do the best recruiting tips have an offboarding process?”, you might be asking. It turns out that offboarding employees is just as important as onboarding employees. 

Employees want to know that they matter to their place of employment. This means being trained properly when they’re accepted for the role and leaving with dignity once their role has ended. Sometimes employees are treated poorly when they leave, and it can affect their morale significantly.

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Tips for recruitment shouldn’t be rocket science. The hiring and retaining process boils down to how you want to be treated. 

Today’s workers are more scrutinizing than ever when it comes to their job prospects. That means businesses need to go the extra mile to attract and retain top talent. When hiring, you need to:

  • Provide a strong onboarding process
  • Offer flexible work options
  • Use more human oversight
  • Hire from diverse talent pools
  • Provide a robust offboarding process

Are you learning how to recruit employees who stay around? Contact 1338Tryon to tap into today’s top talent and start staffing your business with savvy, engaged workers.

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