Home Office Gifts for Employees

There is no denying that remote working has increased massively over the past few months. In light of COVID-19, a lot of businesses have been forced to operate out of their homes. To ensure that productivity levels are kept high, and employees are motivated, you need to encourage them to create a great office environment. A lot of businesses have invested in desks and ergonomic chairs for their workforce, for instance. One way that you can make your employees feel appreciated is by purchasing them a home office gift. Below, we will take a look at some of the best suggestions to give you a helping hand.

– Snack subscription – 

Subscription boxes have become very popular in recent years. There are now many different snack subscription boxes you can choose from. We would recommend opting for healthy yet tasty snack boxes for your workers. You can select the subscription to last for as long as they will be working from home. This will put a smile on your employees’ faces while also ensuring that they are getting the nutrition they need to be healthy and productive. 

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– A color page scanner – 

This is one of those products that you never know you need until you find that you really, really need one, if you get what we mean! If your employees are frequently using contracts, submitting expense reports, or saving receipts, they will find a lot of use for a page scanner. These scanners tend to be powered via USB, scanning several pages per minute. This can help your workers to be much more efficient while at home.

– Wireless charger – 

You can make your employees’ lives a lot easier with a wireless charger. Make sure you look for a charger that is going to be compatible with most phones. For example, this Air Wireless Charger from Factory Direct is compatible with both Samsung and Apple phones. You can purchase it at 1338Tryon. You can also brand the charger so that it has your business’ colors and logo included. The cost of these chargers is low, so you’re not going to have to spend a lot of money to get your entire workforce kitted out. It will help them to keep their desk organized and ensure they do not have loose wires everywhere. 

– Headphones – 

A good pair of headphones is always going to be appreciated by your at-home workforce. This will enable them to stream their favorite music while working or listen in on a conference call without trouble. Lots of fabulous headphones are out there today, so you should have no trouble finding something affordable and portable. 

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a man listening to music and dancing

– A scented candle – 

It does not have to all be about technology when it comes to purchasing gifts for your employees who are working from home. You can buy them something that will make their office environment a lot nicer to be in. This is what a scented candle will achieve. It will make a space a lot cozier, brightening up the area and making it more enjoyable for them to be in. Some scents can help with concentration, productivity, and calmness, so choose your scents with care. 

– Temperature control smart mug – 

Most employees worldwide will agree on one thing: coffee is essential to get through the day! You can help your employees ensure they get their daily coffee dose by purchasing a temperature-controlling mug. Most of these mugs are battery-powered, and they make sure that every sip the person takes is going to be toasty. The charging coaster keeps the mug working all day long. You will know how much of a reasonable investment this is if you have ever experienced that frustrating moment when you drink your coffee, and it is cold because you have been working so hard! 

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– Memory foam seat cushion – 

If your employees are going to be working at their desks for hours on end, it is important to make sure that they are comfortable, right? You can be sure that this is the case by purchasing a memory foam seat cushion for your workforce. This means that sitting on their bum for hours and hours on end is going to be a lot more comfortable! This is especially beneficial for those who are yet to invest in an office chair for their home. You’d be surprised by how much of your workforce is probably set-up at the dining table!

– A potted plant – 

Another way to make sure that your employees have a pleasant working environment is purchasing a pretty potted plant that can keep them company while they are working. Not only do potted plants look great, but they promote better airflow and working conditions as well. Therefore, they offer way more benefits than most people realize when it comes to home working environments. 

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a vibrant plant in a home office

– Desk exercise equipment – 

Last but not least, sitting at a computer for hours on end is not healthy; however, it is essential for many jobs. There is an answer to this, though, and that’s desk exercise equipment. One of the best solutions we have seen is an under-desk elliptical. This means that your employees can sit at their office desk and workout while they are working. They can pedal away quietly while they are busy doing admin work or replying to emails. It is the ultimate in multi-tasking and can help to keep your workforce healthy, which is, of course, important. 

As you can see, there are a number of great gift ideas that you can make the most of when it comes to creating the perfect home office environment for your employees. If a large chunk of your employees is now working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, let them know that you appreciate them and help create the perfect office environment for your workforce so that they can operate efficiently and effectively home.

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Gear and Tips to Help You Get Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Life as we know it has changed over the past few months. Since COVID-19 struck, we have had to change the way that we go about working completely. For some people, this means that they have transitioned to a remote worker for the foreseeable future. For others, it means that they need to completely change the way that they go about their typical daily work procedures. With that being said, in this blog post, we are going to provide you with plenty of tips on getting through the coronavirus pandemic, with a particular focus on the different sorts of products you are going to need.

Make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines –

As the current situation is a fluid one, guidelines are changing all of the time. You need to stay up-to-date with the latest news and information from the government to ensure that you adhere to the guidelines in place. You should be able to access information relevant to your business via the government for your state’s website. There are different rules per industry, and it can seem a bit overwhelming, but try not to worry. Industry bodies and organizations can also prove to be useful sources of information if you need assistance. 

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Focus on your customers rather than the competition – 

A lot of people are too heavily focused on their competition. While this is important, it is better to be focused on your customers at this current time. The businesses that are thriving at the moment are considering how they can bring value to their customers. It is customer service that differentiates the small companies from the big ones. You need to use your abilities to adapt quickly to what your customers need at the moment. It is the perfect chance for you to dig deeper into your company. What has worked well in the past? How are you going to be able to add more value to your clients? This could be anything from starting an e-newsletter to virtual sessions, flexible future bookings, discounts, and rewards programs. It is all about doing something now that is going to ensure that you are at the forefront of your clients’ minds once they get things moving again.

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Use the current conditions to make sure that you are branding effectively – 

Do you have a promotional product strategy in place at your business? If so, it is time to address it. If not, it is time to start one. There are a lot of products that are in very high demand at the moment. The two most obvious ones being face masks and hand sanitizers. This is something that you are going to be able to use to your advantage. You can get branded hand sanitizer gel packets, such as those at 1338Tryon. The hand sanitizer itself is highly effective a stopping the spread of germs that cause infections and illnesses. You can then have your business’ logo printed on the packet to brand your company to full effect. The secret to a successful promotional product campaign is creating something that is going to get a lot of use. With hand sanitizers and face masks, you have items that tick these boxes for the foreseeable future.  

two women working together

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Find your pivot point-

There are plenty of exceptional examples of companies currently embracing the situation and pivoting their business into a new area. Of course, you need to be cautious with this. You need to stay true to what your company stands for, and you need to go about it carefully as well. Think about where you currently sit and what your niche is. Then, you can think about what your clients need. This is going to help you to determine the logical pivot point. Customers want to offer their support to small companies right now, so it is essential to remember why you started up your company in the first place. Do not be afraid to tell your story. What issue are you going to be able to solve for your consumers in this environment? Think about what you do well and capitalize on this. 

Team up with a supplier that you can count on – 

You will need a lot of items that you didn’t need before. This includes a wide range of specialist cleaning items, face masks, and other types of protective equipment. You need to find a supplier that you will be able to rely on and provide you with the items you require quickly. The last thing you want is to run out of the essential items!

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Communicate with your customers and clients – 

Last but not least, burying your head in the sand and hoping for things to get better is not the way to go when it comes to dealing with this pandemic. No matter the industry you operate in, it is vital to reach out to your clients and customers. This is imperative for both existing customers and new customers as well. Don’t speak to them with an evident sales pitch. It is important to connect on a human level. It can be highly valuable to just check-in and see how they are doing and what they need at the moment. If you listen now and provide invaluable expertise, you will strengthen your relationships with your customers. This could result in you creating loyal brand allies for years and years to come. 

There you have it: an insight into some of the different products that you need to get through the coronavirus pandemic, as well as some tips on how to implement them properly. We know that times are difficult at the moment. However, some careful planning and preparation can go a long way, ensuring that you can create the perfect work environment in light of the current conditions.

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The Best Gifts for People Who Work From Home

Working from home is a concept that takes some getting used to, but it does require a different set of skills, priorities, and gift ideas! There are plenty of gifts that will make the lives of the self-employed much easier, and improve the functionality of their work as well as showing them that you care and appreciate their lifestyle. 

The Office Essentials

Everyone who works from home still needs office essentials. They may not drive to an office every day, but there is still a need for the old fashioned office gifts just in case there is a lunch meeting or an event to attend to. You can take a little peek at 1338 Tryon for more gift ideas and see what you can buy your self-employed friends! 

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Targus 16" Classic Topload Laptop Case

There are plenty of briefcases that are gender-neutral and are essential for anyone who has a business. Whether it’s to transport their laptop, files, information, or even any prototypes or products, this is a great gift to buy someone who often attends events, conferences, or includes travel into their business. The Targos 16” is an excellent bag with a variety of purposes suitable for the business folks. 

Mouse Mat for Laptop 

Origin'L Fabric® 7.5"x8"x1/8" Antimicrobial Mouse Pad

For people who use laptops, which is the majority of the remote workers,  it may be a good idea to buy a mouse mat for them so that they can have more accuracy with their work when they use their mouse. Check out the Origin’L mat with a funky design for inspiration.

New Screen Monitor 


This is an excellent investment, but a new screen monitor can significantly impact someone’s working life. It can make their work easier to manage and create a better screen image, which can improve productivity. An HP screen monitor is a well-known brand with an excellent long term reputation.

Wireless headphones/Noise Cancelling Headphones 

V5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

These are a must-have for anybody working from home. From the sounds of the outdoors to kids and other interferences, noise-canceling headphones are really important. Wireless headphones can also be a great gift idea because it allows the worker to continue listening to music or any audio sounds while they are away from their desk. The V5.0 wireless headphones are a great choice.

Personalized Mugs 

Create Virtual Sample  Download Previous Next 16 Oz. Bistro Ceramic Mug

Everyone needs a coffee break, whether they like to admit it or not. You can get them a personalized mug that shows how much you care. Make it even more personal by adding their name, their job title, some type of phrase, or joke that reflects them well. Check out these adorable Bistro Ceramic mugs to impress your remote working friend.


Working from home means that you can wear whatever you want. So some cool apparel that relates to their job can be a really fun way to ensure they’re always comfortable and stylish. Take a look at 1339 Tryon for branded apparel to impress your friend. 

Power Banks 

iBoost2 Mobile Device Charger with Gift Box

Power banks are important because remote workers often have to rely on their own power sources on the go or even in their office. A power bank can help charge any technology, which is a very practical gift. You could opt for the iBoost 2 power bank to keep your friend’s iPhone and laptop charged and ready for action. 


Business Card Magnet

Dressing up your office space can be fun by adding magnets to your filing cabinets. They look fun and cute and can dress up in space. A business card magnet can provide a professional touch with some twist and style. 

Maths Set 

Eclipse Bonded Leather Zippered Portfolio With Calculator

Despite the remote work that your friend does, a calculator and mathematics set will always be useful. A mathematics set can help your remote working friend calculate their finances,  fees, and stay on top of their cash flow. Check out the Eclipse Professional Set, a math geek design for your remote friend. 


These are a fun way to give your friend a little pick-me-up at the end of the week. Whether it’s a food voucher for one of their favorite restaurants or online take-out service or somewhere that they can get themselves a little treat! Buy a Deliveroo voucher! 

Pop Sockets for Phones 

PopSockets® Swappable PopGrip

These are great for anyone, but when you work from home, having your phone propped up properly could be really beneficial. A pop socket allows you to keep your phone in different positions; whether that’s watching a video or hooking it onto something, it’s very practical. Check out Pop sockets Swappable Pop-Grip for an amazing and stylish convenience. 

Apple Watch

This is a great way to help save time. The Apple Watch has everything you could need, from making calls quickly to keeping track of your health. It is a great tool for those who work from home to ensure that they are getting enough exercise, managing their time wisely, and can access their contact information quickly.

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External Hard Drive/Flash Drive 

USB Fold Flash Drive

These are perfect for people who use a lot of information daily and need to back up a lot of important files. They can store numerous data at once, which means that they can free up room on their laptop and not worry about losing any files. You could opt for a UMAX flash drive to keep everything safe and secure.  


Rambler Backpack

A good backpack will always serve you well. It is a safe and secure way to transport your office supplies with you and provide the proper support to protect your back. This is to prevent additional pressure on your back and shoulders to avoid injuries. If you are interested in a gift like that for your remote friend, check out the Rambler Backpack today.

Blue Light Glasses 

The lighting from screens can take a toll on your eyes, so investing in a pair of blue light glasses helps take the glare off the screen, which can assist with migraines, headaches, and eye fatigue. The Inca glasses provide some really great glasses here at Ambr Eyewear. 

A New Desk Chair 

Create Virtual Sample  Download Next Executive Task Chair

Working from home means investing in a good chair, so if you know someone who may need a new addition to their office, a desk chair is a perfect gift. It allows them to sit comfortably while they slay away on their projects. The desk chair can support their lumbar region and keeps the aches and pains at a minimum. In fact, an executive leather desk chair would be the perfect gift for comfort and style during a busy workday.

Travel Documents Folder

Travel Documents Folder with Standard Luggage Design (10 1/4"x4 1/2")

When someone works from home, they may have to travel to meet people, so keeping their documents safe is very important. Fortunately, the Travel Document Folder With Standard Luggage Design can do just that.

Stress Relievers 

a-Roma™ Ball Scented Stress Ball

Every job comes with stress, and being able to release some of the tension while you’re on the go is a great way to feel better. Some of these stress relievers even come with a bonus like the Roma Ball which is scented orange that adds a little bit of flavor to your life. 

Water Bottle 

Aurora 18 oz Copper-Lined Bottle

Drinking plenty of water is vital for our health, and when we are working hard, it’s really important to keep hydrated to eradicate headaches and eye issues as the day goes by. The aurora 18 Custom Mug is a great stylish water bottle that looks stunning and will serve its purpose for hydration.

Business Card Holders 

Create Virtual Sample  Download Next Executive Business Card Holder

This is a really important gift for those who have business cards on the go. For anyone who takes their business cards everywhere, having a reliable folder is convenient and stylish, especially when your remote working friend pulls them out to share with potential clients. You could opt for the Executive Card Holder, which impresses clients with it’s professional and elegant appeal along with its functionality.

Bottom Line

Overall, there are a plethora of gifts available to those individuals working from home. These branded gifts come in a variety of price ranges; some are more affordable while others are more expensive. It depends on your budget and what you are looking for.

 Office supplies are practical and vital for any remote worker. These gifts can make their work easier and help boost their productivity. After all, working from home can be tricky in certain aspects, from setting up an office space to getting the right equipment to ensure the work can continue professionally and efficiently. 

So why not help your remote working loved ones succeed by getting them a gift from 1338 Tryon to give them a little boost of functionality and morale, and keep them happy and healthy! The gift choices are endless, so which one will you choose? 

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How to Engage Remote Employees

A lot of companies just weren’t prepared to operate entirely remotely. For a lot of organizations, it wasn’t really the workflow and production that had them worried, but keeping their remote employees engaged. Without face-to-face meetings, simply saying “hi” while you pass someone’s desk, or grabbing coffee together, a lot of companies feared that they’d lose that personal connection with their staff, resulting in a lack of dedication and motivation. 

So how do you keep your remote employees engaged to avoid a decrease in productivity in a time where people feel uncertain and worried about their health and job? 

At 1338Tryon, we work with a lot of companies that value their employees, often using our customizable products to create awards for recognition programs. We know you care about your employees and want to make sure they’re performing their best. Let’s find out how you can ensure they’re engaged, motivated, and happy. 

Engage Remote Employees: Communication

Without the ability to stop by someone’s office to chat, staying connected during the coronavirus pandemic has become more important than ever. The key is not making it feel forced and instead of making communication genuine and helpful. 

Use Chat Programs

Zoom webcam work from home engage employees

Programs like Slack and Google Hangouts ensure that everyone from the office can stay in touch with one another. These programs allow you to create various groups and locked chat rooms, helping to organize projects and various teams within the company. Having the ability to still talk throughout the day about work will keep employees connected to their co-workers and ensure they are reminded of important tasks. 

But these programs also allow for direct messages, meaning you can send over a quick DM just to check in. Ask them how they are feeling and what they need help with while working remotely. Knowing that you’re thinking of them will keep them feeling appreciated, instead of feeling disconnected to the team. 

Schedule More Calls and Video Meetings

One way to keep employees feeling connected while still creating a sense of normalcy and structure is to schedule daily or weekly calls and video meetings. Seeing people face-to-face will help them bond all over again, reminding them that there are in fact other real live people working on the project or team with them! Use conference programs like Zoom to ensure every employee can be present. 

It will also help people stay on track when they know a meeting is coming on Friday and they’re expected to discuss the work they’ve done for their part of the project. 

Just remember not to bombard employees with meetings. Too many meetings can become stressful and time-consuming, chewing away at their work hours and making them feel overworked. Keep meetings brief and to the point, but always leave room for questions. 

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Engage Remote Employees: Increased Participation

Sometimes remote employees can start to feel left out of work-related discussions, projects, and activities. This can lead to them pulling away since they feel underappreciated and isolated. While it does take some creativity and effort, there are definitely ways to create more chances for participation while everyone is working from home. 

Give Them More Responsibilities

While you want to keep in mind how stressed and worried some employees are feeling during this time, others may be feeling a lack of motivation due to the frustrations of being away from the office. Giving them some insight into another department or project can make them feel valued, give them more purpose, and guarantee more communication. 

Set Up Extracurricular Activities

Maybe your office used to throw parties every other Friday night. Or maybe some employees played video games together during their lunch break or between projects. When you work remotely, it can feel like you’re missing out on those bonding moments. 

To keep employees engaged and ensure the office feels like a community, create activities for people to participate in. Set up a channel in Slack for a book club, allowing employees to discuss a novel they’re all reading. Host an online board game or Dungeons & Dragons night. Tell everyone to get on Zoom Friday night to drink and chat. Have everyone answer a poll, suggesting a movie they’d like to watch, and then have everyone watch it together with Netflix Party

Engage Remote Employees: Make Them Feel Appreciated

Without daily discussions on projects or face-to-face meetings in the office, remote work can start to feel isolating. Employees can feel like their work isn’t being recognized and only exists to reach a deadline. It’s more important than ever before to give them recognition and appreciation along the way, instead of just telling employees to submit work to the drive by the end of the week. 

Create a Budget for At Home Offices

woman with laptop and desk at home office employee engagement

For many employees, working from home is definitely new territory. A lot of people don’t even have the proper office or equipment to feel comfortable or focused while working from home. Offer a small budget for employees to use for home office supplies, which will not only make them feel appreciated but help them stay focused and motivated to work. 

Offer Rewards for Work

Of course, hearing “great work” is often enough for most employees, remote or otherwise. But why not make them feel even more appreciated if the budget allows? Depending on the type of work, rewards can be given out for employees who complete the most or get the best results. The reward could also be for contests unrelated to work if your company decides to have a karaoke contest or video game tournament. 

Use 1338Tryon’s customizable apparel, office supplies, and other merchandise to create prizes customized to your company and the contest or task at hand. Think a shirt with your company’s name on it, your employee’s name on it, and a fun slogan or title to represent their accomplishment, like “May 2020 Sales Wizard” or “Best Animal Crossing Island on the Team.” 

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When it comes to engaging remote employees, a little can go a long, long way to make them feel motivated and a part of the team. It’s hard for a lot of people to transition to remote work so unexpectedly and under such uncertain circumstances, but it makes a world of difference if they feel appreciated by their employer. A simple check-in on Slack can let them know you care how they’re feeling while setting up company-wide activities can keep staff feeling connected. 

Don’t forget to take advantage of 1338Tryon’s customizable merch, like pens for their at-home offices and t-shirts to all wear during Friday Night Wine Drinking Zoom Party. It’s hard not to feel appreciated and motivated when it feels like your employer truly cares about you and your work. 

Online Events and How to Make Them Last

2020 has been a difficult and confusing time for many people. The coronavirus pandemic has a lot of people scared about the health of their loved ones and wondering about their own financial situation. Social distancing mandates are making people miss their friends and going to events. 

The COVID-19 crisis has been tough for companies, too. Some organizations weren’t ready to take all their workflow online. Others have been struggling and relying on government loans, forced to let go of employees. 

But one way your organization can boost employee morale and get community support is through online events. Thanks to Zoom and other online conference tools, people have been able to connect over online events in place of all the usual concerts, movies, conventions and meet-ups they’ve been missing out on. 

At 1338Tryon, we work with a lot of companies that truly care about connecting with their employees and customers. They use our custom products to unite employees or share their mission with the community. So how can your organization build that same connection online through an event? Let’s take a closer look. 

So What is an Online Event? 

An online event is a virtual meet-up that takes place online rather than in a physical location. Just like events held in-person, online events come in a variety of formats. As long as there’s a way for people to connect virtually — through webcam or even a chatting service — an online event can take place. 

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Tutorials and Classes

If you have a product or service that needs some explaining, hosting an online how-to webinar with tips and instructions can really engage potential customers. They’ll have experts (you guys) to interact with, especially if you offer a Q&A session after the tutorial. Make it even more interactive by creating an atmosphere where people can follow along or participate in various ways. Unlike in-person events, online classes can often involve a lot of sitting and staring at a computer screen. To make it last longer and not lose anyone’s interest, create various opportunities for discussion or action. 

Training and Courses

Sometimes employees can feel a bit disconnected while working remotely. There’s no morning coffees together before meetings and there’s no in-person meetings where everyone gathers to discuss changes within the company. To keep employees engaged, motivated and knowledgable, host online webinars and workshops. 

This is something that can also be offered to customers and clients, gaining trust and confidence by providing webinars and workshops that only your team can provide. 

Behind-the-Scenes Tours

This can be a little difficult during this time, since a lot of public spaces and offices are closed. But get creative. When employees and customers feel a connection to you on a personal level, they’re more likely to feel engaged and dedicated to the company or product. Show them your at-home office. Or maybe show off how your product or service works in a variety of new and unexpected locations. 

Interviews and Performances

This goes back to the idea behind “training and courses.” You and your team have a certain insight that other people may not, whether it be your skills or details about your product or service. That is something valuable that draws people in, which is why interviews and performances are such a hit when it comes to online events. 

Having the chance to not only listen to an expert discuss a certain topic, product or experience but interact with them, is a one-of-a-kind experience that will surely excite your audience. 

During the time when coronavirus has stripped us of fairs, conventions, concerts, movies and more, watching an exciting performance online is another way to ensure your online event lasts. Whether it’s an interactive karaoke competition or watching professional dancers, performances are an excellent way to captivate an audience. 

Conferences and Networking

Networking is very important to professionals in a variety of industries. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has ensured that no conferences and networking opportunities exist face-to-face. Luckily, an online event is a perfect chance to connect with other professionals. Giving people the opportunity to meet others within their industry will most definitely be of interest, especially now. Find a way to form a structured networking and business gathering to ensure your online event is requested week after week. 

How to Host an Online Event

woman on laptop at cafe online event

Create a Game Plan

Every online event needs a strategy. Think about what your goals are with the event. What are you hoping to accomplish? That will help you create a much clearer vision of what type of online event you need to host to better reach your chosen audience. 

Then think of some of the basics. Will attendees be charged or will it be free? Will it be hosted live or on-demand? Will you require event registration? 

Choose the Right Time

It’s extremely important to choose the right date and time for the event. Do a little research, finding out which time zone works best for your target audience and which days work the best for most participants. Find out when the majority of your community is usually online and even send polls to find out people’s preferred dates. This can be done through email or on social media. 

Promote the Event

Determine the key selling points of your online event. Is it a certain skill or knowledge they will gain? Something physical they can win? A noteworthy speaker or performance? This will determine the best way to go about your marketing. But there are some things that are always good to pursue: 

  • Share details by email and on social media
    • Create a countdown on Instagram Stories
    • Give an event hashtag on Twitter
    • Create a Facebook event
  • List your online event on websites like Eventbrite for a bigger reach
  • Target ads specifically to people who will be interested and make sure they’re in a format that will appeal to them
  • Be consistent. Registration spikes two to three weeks before an event, so ramp up your marketing around that time

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Prepare for Tech Troubles 

Unlike an in-person event, online events may run into some technology-related blunders. Before the event begins, test your internet connection and any other devices you’ll be using throughout the event. You might even want to run a rehearsal to see if any issues arise. 

And even if you have tech gurus on your end to help you, remember that not all of your guests have that same support. You might want to provide some advice or instructions in a follow-up email once guests have registered. Maybe you can even have someone on hand to help people with questions or issues during the event. 

Make it Interactive

This is probably one of the most important things to keep in mind when creating a successful online event built to last. You want the audience to feel engaged. This will keep them interested in the event because they’ll feel a sense of investment and also feel listened to. 

Ask viewers to submit questions through the conference platform’s chat tool. Let them know these will be answered during a Q&A. Maybe even have portions of the event where people can participate in quizzes, polls, and games. This will have them paying even closer attention because of the entertainment value and their competitive nature. Also, offer prizes. Use 1338Tryon to create custom gifts that promote the online event and give them away to audience members.

When the event is done, encourage people to provide feedback and comments. This can be through a poll or email. Either way, it makes them feel heard and appreciated for participating. 


When it comes to online events, you want people to feel connected to the product, company or to one another. During a time when face-to-face interaction is rare, people want to feel that sense of belonging. 

Make your online event feel special by offering custom merchandise for people to rep during and after the online event. At 1338Tryon, we have endless apparel, accessories, and office supplies that can be customized for all your future online events. Check out our exciting selection here

home office with two computers, plant, ipad, glass of water, table

30 Corporate Gift Ideas to Surprise and Delight

Maya Angelou had once said that “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Corporate gifts are an excellent way to show clients that they are appreciated. If done correctly, this can be a fantastic return on investment to enhance the relationship that can lead to profit and sales.  

A fantastic gift shows clients that the company cares about them and value their relationship. That means it’s essential to put some thought into corporate gifting strategy.

 Fortunately, 1338Tryon has a variety of selections that can impress the clients. With that in mind, here are some corporate gift ideas to surprise and delight.

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The Importance of Corporate Gifts

two individuals shaking hands

It’s All About The Client

When it comes to corporate gifts, it’s asking the gift recipient for a favor, like “could you hang this calendar branded with my company logo on your wall so that other clients can see it?” 

This is why giving a corporate gift isn’t about the company, but it’s about the client. It should be something useful for them, but it should also reflect the value and show them that the company has put a lot of thought and uniqueness in getting the gift. If done correctly, they will be thinking about the company every time they enjoy the present.

Personal Touch

The gift should be meaningful and packaged in a way that sends a thoughtful message. Unique packaging will ensure that a gift attracts some attention. It’s also advisable to add a personalized, handwritten message that shows clients that the gift is carefully tailored to them.

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Don’t be pushy

The best gift comes with no strings attached, so don’t plan a sales call right after sending the gift. The clients don’t want to feel like they are being forced to make a purchase. The idea is to focus on building a relationship and goodwill over time; therefore, a corporate gift is an excellent engagement strategy that can lead to potential sales in the future. This would entail taking the time to email them a happy holiday, congratulation, or even compliment them on their new website. This shows clients that the company cares and values them, and is not all about making a quick sale.

Don’t go overboard

Some companies would purchase lavish gifts to their clients, but that would make the clients wonder how much profit is building into the price of the gift for such generosity. 

Keep in mind that the value of the gift goes beyond the dollar value. The strategy is to emphasize on being thoughtful and meaningful, and not count on expenses to determine the perfect gift. In fact, this is the opportunity to focus on creativity over price to show clients how innovative and caring the company is.

Affordable Corporate Gifts

Here is some affordable and creative corporate gift to show clients how much the company cares:    

Slim Aluminum Power Bank 4000 mAh UL Certified

Slim Aluminum Power Bank 4000 mAh UL Certified

This sleek and professional power bank is an excellent corporate gift to clients so they can charge their devices. It contains a polymer lithium battery along with silk screen printing and full-color printing.

Glenbrook Pen

Glenbrook Pen

This fancy twist-action stainless steel pen contains a comfortable, ergonomic grip, which makes it a fantastic gift for clients who need a reliable tool to jot down notes.

Skin pattern Power Bank 10,000 mAh w/ Apple Adapter

Skin pattern Power Bank 10,000 mAh w/ Apple Adapter

The skin pattern has a power bank that comes with an Apple adapter with a polymer lithium battery. It has both silk printing and full-color printing to help charge devices or perform other activities. It’s a recyclable and environmentally friendly device that makes a fantastic gift for clients in the banking, executive, and business industry.

Storm Flash flashlight umbrella

Storm Flash flashlight umbrella

If the client lives in a rainy environment, then a deluxe auto open and close umbrella with flashlight is a creative and thoughtful gift to keep them safe during a rainy day.

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Popular Elegant Race Car Ballpoint Pen

Popular Elegant Race Car Ballpoint Pen

This is an extraordinary gift for clients who love race cars. This sleek and elegant race car pen comes in various colors of blue, red, white, and silver. The doors would open on the side with the wheels in a rolling motion. In addition to that, clients can admire it’s sleekness as well as it’s functionality as a pen.

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Electronic Gadgets

UL Listed Wireless Power Bank

UL Listed Wireless Power Bank

It can be annoying when the iPhone keeps running out of battery, but fortunately, this wireless power bank can charge any smartphone at the speed of light. All the users have to do is place the device on top of the charging pad, and they are ready to go. It does not require annoying wires or constant lookout for an outlet. This is an incredible and convenient gift that shows how thoughtful and a company can be.

22 Oz. Carter Stainless Steel Bottle With Wireless Charger And Power Bank

22 Oz. Carter Stainless Steel Bottle With Wireless Charger And Power Bank

The stainless steel power bank is both sturdy and convenient. It’s wireless, so the users do not have to search for an outlet or fumble on the wires. It has a powder-coated finish and double wall construction for insulation. It’s highly portable and liquid-resistant, so clients will not have to worry if they were to spill their beverages. It’s an excellent gift for clients who are both clumsy and techy.

2-in-1 10000 mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank

2-in-1 10000 mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank

A wireless charging power bank is a fantastic and convenient device that can charge any smartphone. This charging bank has a LED flashlight, dual USB external port, wireless charger, and power bank. It’s a sleek power bank that looks great in anyone’s office.

Cambridge Wireless Charging Portfolio

Cambridge Wireless Charging Portfolio

The PU wireless charging portfolio comes with a zip closure. It has a removable UL listed 5000 mAH power bank for charging on the go. This portable charging portfolio has a pop-up USB port with a 60 sheet line ivory notepad with an organization panel. It’s an organized and convenient corporate gift for clients that are always traveling around the world. 

Griptyte Power™ 3000mAh Power Bank

Griptyte Power™ 3000mAh Power Bank

This device allows users to charge their device with a built-in cable for android and iPhone devices. The user can securely attach the phone with the sticky pad technology. That means they will no longer worry about juggling wires or looking for an outlet.

This is an excellent corporate gift for anyone who needs a power bank without the hassle of the cord.

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Eagle No-Iron Pinpoint Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt

Eagle No-Iron Pinpoint Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt

This superior oxford long sleeve shirt will make anyone look professional and elegant. It’s 100% cotton with a button-down collar and polish buttons. This is a great corporate gift for individuals working in the business and executive industry.

Columbia Men’s Bahama? II Short-Sleeve Shirt

Columbia Men's Bahama? II Short-Sleeve Shirt

This is a very relaxing shirt with backcountry cloth. It has an Omni-shade with UPS 50 sun protection, and it’s a beautiful gift for clients who love fishing or any outdoor activity. There’s a button-down collar, vent, and utility loop. Clients will definitely think about the company when they wear this shirt

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Nike Ladies’ Dri-FIT 1/2-Zip Cover-Up

Nike Ladies' Dri-FIT 1/2-Zip Cover-Up

SoThis elegance boldly striped inner collar contains a reverse quail zipper that offers a nice urbanized and stylish appeal. The design has a flat collar and cuts along with a delicate hem that is exquisitely tailored for a more feminine style. This is a great corporate gift for clients that are obsessed with comfort and fashion.

Adidas Performance Polo

Adidas Performance Polo

This performance polo shirt has moisture-wicking technology and a stylish ripped collar. It also has space to implement the company logo. Clients would definitely love the comfortable fit and will be thinking about the company every time they wear it.

Carhartt® Rain Defender® Paxton Heavyweight Hooded Zip Mock Sweatshirt

Carhartt® Rain Defender® Paxton Heavyweight Hooded Zip Mock Sweatshirt

This warm, comfortable, and water repellent heavy hooded sweatshirt will keep the clients warm throughout a rainy day. It can withstand harsh weather because of its durability. Clients would be thankful for such a thoughtful corporate gift that keeps them warm and protected during the rainy days.

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Ultimate Brew Package (Unimprinted)

Ultimate Brew Package (Unimprinted)

Everyone loves coffee because it keeps them awake and energized throughout the day. Why not give clients an Ultimate Brew Package that includes a 64-ounce growler, 20-ounce brewski tumbler, and a lounger can coozie.

Leatherette Silver Edge Square 4-Coaster Set (Light Brown/Silver)

Leatherette Silver Edge Square 4-Coaster Set (Light Brown/Silver)

The most annoying thing about having a beautiful table is the cup or glass ring that is left behind after a drink is sitting there for an extended period. Luckily, the Leatherette Silver Edge Coaster can protect the client’s table. If a company logo is implemented in this coaster, the client will be very thankful for the gift that protects their table.

MiiR® Camp Cup Gift Set White

MiiR® Camp Cup Gift Set White

Every time the client takes a sip from these amazing mugs, they will be thinking about the company that provides them with this incredible gift. This promotional mug is an excellent gift combination for any time of the year. The gift includes vacuum insulated camp cups designed to keep the drinks at the perfect temperature for long hours. The double-wall is built to protect the hands from getting scaled. Both of these cups are packaged inside a decorative gift box.

25 Oz. Sports Glass Mug (Blank)

25 Oz. Sports Glass Mug (Blank)

This sports glass mug is perfect for clients who love the restaurant, pub, or bar scene. This glass collection is American made and supplied by the leading glass manufacturers, so there’s no doubt that it came from quality.

Ceramic Mugs (Set of 4)

Ceramic Mugs (Set of 4)

This simple, yet adorable 11 oz ceramic mug is an excellent gift for clients who love their morning coffee. Not only that, but the company logo can also be beautifully incorporated in the center of the mug. Therefore, each time the clients go for a cup of Joe or tea, they will be thinking about the company that gave them this wonderful corporate gift.

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Desk Items and Organizers

Rosewood Combination Clock & Business Card Holder

Rosewood Combination Clock & Business Card Holder

This is a combination of a clock and a business card holder that is made with professional rosewood piano finish with a metal accent. The engravable laser plate provides an elegant and sleek appeal. This is a fantastic corporate gift that will surely impress the client and deliver extraordinary value to them.

Alessi Chip Magnetic Paperclip Holder

Alessi Chip Magnetic Paperclip Holder

This artistic and adorable magnetic paper clip is designed in the shape of a bird. It will help keep all the paper clips organized and provide a natural aesthetic feature that brightens up the office.



This framework desk clock provides a timeless classical appeal that showcases the sense of professionalism and elegance. The skeletal movement in the glass forms on top of the rosewood base, which offers a sleek and elegant display. This handsome decoration makes an impressive corporate gift for any client.

Howard Miller Prominence Crystal Desk Set w/ Clock & Pen

Howard Miller Prominence Crystal Desk Set w/ Clock & Pen

This stylish pen and clock combo comes with an optical glass crystal base. It has a beautiful polish silver-tone accent that looks great in any elegant office decor. The clock dial is accented with black hour and minute hand along with a silver secondhand. This corporate gift idea can definitely enhance the relationship between a company and a potential client.

9-1/2″x12-4/5″ Walnut Clipboard For 8-1/2″x11″ Pad (14a)

9-1/2"x12-4/5" Walnut Clipboard For 8-1/2"x11" Pad (14a)

A walnut clipboard can keep the papers from flying out. This is a useful and convenient corporate gift for clients that are constantly writing notes, making a list, or jotting down anything important. Every time they reach for this walut clipboard, they will be thinking about a thoughtful company that provided them with this tool.

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Custom Pens

Waterman Hemisphere Rollerball Stainless Steel Gold Trim

Waterman Hemisphere Rollerball Stainless Steel Gold Trim

This elegant pen has a taper beveled button and golden palladium trims. With its undeniable appeal, the Waterman hemisphere rollerball pen is there to impress. Don’t get us started about the 23.3-carat gold clip and trim, which makes this a stunning corporate gift.

Faber-Castell Ambition Walnut Ballpoint Pen

Faber-Castell Ambition Walnut Ballpoint Pen

This sleek and ambitious pen is handcrafted with walnut wood that reflects a sense of simplicity and professionalism. It’s equipped with a spring clip with a polish metal front. The pen can be engraved with the company logo, and it comes with a large capacity blackball print refill. This is an excellent and unforgettable corporate gift for any ambitious writer.

Cross Classic Century® Translucent Blue Lacquer Ballpoint & Selectip® Rollerball Pen Set

Cross Classic Century® Translucent Blue Lacquer Ballpoint & Selectip® Rollerball Pen Set

This iconic and innovative pen is fit for an individual who loves creating groundbreaking ideas. This is why the classic century pen is an excellent corporate gift for the creative mind. It’s trendsetting, it’s authentic, it’s functional, it’s stylish, and it’s everything that makes a perfect corporate gift.

Hugo Boss® Ribbon Ballpoint Pen – Burgundy

Hugo Boss® Ribbon Ballpoint Pen - Burgundy

This is an unforgettable corporate gift for a client who is a boss. It’s rustic, burgundy color style looks terrific for clients in the business or executive industry. In addition to that, the company can incorporate their logo on the pen, so each time they use this high power tool, they will be thinking about the company that offers this creative innovation.


With these beautiful corporate gifts, the company can now impress clients and establish a meaningful relationship. 

With 1338Tryon, customers can pick a wide variety of products that they can incorporate their logo to create a personalized corporate gift. That way, every time clients use these gifts, they will be thinking about the company that took the time to give them something meaningful.

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People in black and white professional clothes shaking hands

How To Create a New Employee Welcoming Kit

New employees often stress out during the first week of work; after all, there is a lot at stake. The first day can be exciting and frightening at the same time. Newcomers are often filled with optimism and eagerness to get started and to get to know everyone. When they walk through the doors, they are unfamiliar with various areas in the building. They usually wait anxiously for someone to guide them to their desk and projects.

Now imagine giving a new employee a fantastic welcoming kit. This is an excellent opportunity for employers to win over a new team member. Keep in mind that the first impression is everything and can inspire them to work harder and stay longer with the company. Fortunately, 1338Tryon has the perfect gift to welcome new talents and to make sure that employers don’t show up empty-handed.

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Why Employee Onboarding Matters

In a competitive war for the top talents, companies need to do whatever they can to attract and retain experienced and skillful workers. All of this starts with how employers approach onboarding employees. Keep in mind the new hires who experience poor onboarding experience may end up searching for a new job to find something better. 

This is especially true for millennials, who are notorious for “job hopping” and are more likely than the previous generation to leave if they feel like they don’t fit in with the company. Since millennials make up the majority of the workforce, organizations must prepare for their arrival.

With that in mind, here are the reasons why employee onboarding matters:

  • Introducing them to the workplace environment
  • Increasing employee retention
  • Easing them into life at the office
  • Inspire employee engagement
  • Familiarize them with the company’s brand and priorities

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Why an Employee Welcoming Kit Can Help

A new employee welcoming kit is an excellent tool that plays various roles in the marketing arena, like boosting the employer’s brand. However, it should not be a replacement for benefits and cultural factors, but it still makes a difference in sparking the employee’s interest to stay.

Here are some reasons why an employee onboarding kit is a must-have:

Inspire Employee Engagement

 A well-crafted employee onboarding kit can spark engagement, advocacy, and pride. People tend to carry water bottles, t-shirts, or gears from the companies that they support. Giving employees new gears that represent the company can turn them into significant promoters of the brand. 

A common quote that practically all companies agreed upon is, “people are our greatest asset.” People are more likely to listen to what the company’s employees have to say about them than what the ad campaign reveals. That is why attracting new talents relies on employee advocacy and engagement.

Promote Company Culture

The new employee kit is a great way to show new talents what the company is all about. Reading up about the company on the website is different from actually experiencing it. With a new hiring kit, it’s a strategic way of welcoming new employees and giving them a peek of the company’s culture.

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Making New Hires Feel Welcome

handshaking new employee

During the first couple of months, employees are still feeling out whether they fit in the company or not. A thoughtful company would create an onboarding kit to get rid of any uneasiness that the new hire may experience. 

This is a great idea because if the new employee receives their kit, and decided to wear a new company t-shirt the next day, it can easily help them adjust to the new environment. After all, they are more likely to walk past a coworker wearing the same shirt, and that can help strike up a good conversation. This can help the employees feel right at home and inspire them to take a step forward towards becoming lifelong employees and brand promoters.

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What Elements Should a Good Employee Welcoming Kit Have?

A man with a t-shirt that says Believe

A new employee kit should include necessary items like:

 The idea is something that will get them excited and feel welcome.

With that in mind, here is what the kit should contain:


The information part contains info that new hires need to know, it should contain:

  • Key to the building
  • Letters from the company president
  • Map of the office
  • Parking instruction
  • Checklist of everything for the first month

Useful Stationery and Desk Gears

These are the tools that help employees do their job. Stationery and desk gear items are often practical, which includes:

  • Flash drive
  • Pens
  • Notebooks
  • Laptop
  • Professional development book
  • Monitor stand
  • Mouse pad
  • Mouse

Fun Gear

This is where things get exciting and creative to make the new team feel welcome. The fun gear entails:

 These items will make people feel like they are part of the team. This is where employers enhance company culture and also bring out a meaningful message to welcome new employees.

Want something that people will remember you by? 1338Tryon can help

Examples of Items that Should Be In An Employee’s Welcoming Kit:

On the Go Stationery

Black Moleskine® Hard Cover Ruled Large Expanded Notebook

 Black Moleskine® Hard Cover Ruled Large Expanded Notebook

This classical notebook has over 400 pages and two ribbon bookmarks to keep track of new and innovative ideas. This is an excellent item to have in the kit to encourage employees to take notes, jot down ideas, and write out tasks that they need to complete.

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Deluxe Leather Wired-E Padfolio Black

Deluxe Leather Wired-E Padfolio Black

This stylish leather portfolio is an excellent executive gift. The zipper closure allows the user to carry and protect all of their technology devices. It can hold e-readers and tablets, and it has a pocket to store business cards. This padfolio is a fantastic item to have in the kit because it encourages employees to be organized and promotes a sense of professionalism.

Heathered 8 1/4″ x 4″ zippered pencil case with elastic

This pencil case can help employees keep all their pens and pencils in an organized case. They can also attach the case to a binder or notebook, so it would be ready when they need to use it. This item encourages new employees to be more efficient and organized. It also serves as a fantastic welcoming gift to let them know that the company has all the tools that they need to help them succeed. 

Useful Desk Gear

PU Desktop Organizer/Pen Holder

This high-quality desktop organizer has several storage spaces for pens, pencils, iPhones, cards, and other items. It’s a great welcoming gift to help the employees feel right at home and ready to conquer the world.

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12 Oz. Two-Tone Latte Mug

 12 Oz. Two-Tone Latte Mug

Coffee Is the most important thing to have in the morning. An adorable coffee mug with the company logo on it will show employees that the company wants nothing but the best for them. This should be an extra shot of encouragement and energy boosts that is more powerful than espresso shots.

64MB Wooden Flash Drive

64MB Wooden Flash Drive

In a world where technology is advancing faster than a racecar, the majority of the company’s work is often done on the computer. This wooden, rectangular, eco-friendly USB flash drive shows new employees how much the company cares and maximizes the efficiency and safety of their work. This flash drive will enable them to save their work for completion or review.  

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Fun Gear

Black Economy Sonic Weld Non-Woven Tote Bag w/Bottom Gusset (20″x16″x6″)

These adorable and professional tote bags can help employees carry all their work items and groceries. This bag is an excellent gift for newcomers to show them how much the company values their work and skills.

Summit Sweater-Fleece Vest

Summit Sweater-Fleece Vest

It can be cold in the office, so why not welcome new employees with a stylish heathered sweater with comfortable fleece made of 100% polyester and the presence of the company logo. It’s a combination of style and comfort that makes the employees feel welcome and part of the family.

Hit-Dry Contrasting Cap

Hit-Dry Contrasting Cap

This lightweight polyester cap is a stylish way of welcoming a new team member. It has a sweatband and water repellent material that is great for the outdoors. This is a great item for companies that have sporting events, so team members could wear the cap to bond with their colleagues and promote the brand.

Need help welcoming a new employee? 1338Tryon can come to the rescue

Putting It Together

The best way to put everything together is to put one or two items from the information, stationery, desk gear, and fun gear section in a box.

We have recommended products from 1338Tryon, which are listed above. If anything, contact 1338Tryon to create a new employee kit to welcome and impress the new talents.


When it comes to running a company or a business, it’s always an employee‘s market, and the best way for the company to stay competitive is to hire new and experienced talent. However, it’s also essential to find ways to motivate and turn new workers into lifelong employees. 

The best way to do that is a new employee hiring kit to make new talents feel welcome and at home. This can help them fit into the company’s culture, promote the brand, and get them enthusiastic about working with the team. 

With an excellent and creative new employee kit, any business can turn newcomers into family.

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Old universities with students studying and socializing in front

20 Best Giveaways for College Students

 College students are known to be broke, especially if they need to use the money for ramen noodles and textbooks. However, it doesn’t mean that businesses should ignore this type of demographic. Keep in mind that college students are millennials, which means they surpassed the baby boomer as the largest generation. Ignoring that type of audience could only hurt the business.

Businesses have become very strategic when it comes to marketing on a college campus. One of the most successful strategies is to incorporate giveaways for the students. 

Now the question is, “What are the best giveaways for college students to enhance brand awareness?”

Luckily, 1338Tryon has some tips and tricks to help companies maximize their marketing campaign through these specific demographics.

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What is brand activation?

Before we get into the best giveaways for college students, let’s dive into the concept of brand activation. Brand activation refers to the process of making a company’s brand known to people. This is mainly through increasing engagement and awareness through some kind of experience. 

When an individual first starts a business, nobody knows who they are. The brand is basically dead, but incorporating free giveaways in college campuses will spread awareness and engagements, which will bring the brand back to life.

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Why College Students Are a Key Audience

If college students are so broke, then why are they the key audience?

Match Series has estimated that there are 20 million U.S. college students with $44 billion in buying power.

Students tend to be loyal to a specific brand for life. Exposing them to a particular brand will capture their interests and potential loyalty for the future. Once they graduate and get out to the real world to make money, they can start making purchases on that brand they came to know in college. This can lead to a significant profit for the company in the future because the students would stick to that particular brand for a long time.

In addition to that, college students are obsessed with social media. If they love a brand or see it everywhere, they will be most likely to share it on their social media page, leading to likes and engagement.

Ways to Advertise to College Students

college students studying aerial view campus

Here are a variety of ways to market to college students:

College fairs

College fairs are excellent ways to market a campaign. This is mainly because it brings in a very specific target audience. 

For example, if there’s an art fair for college students, this would be a fantastic event to advertise brands that relate to the art industry. After all, students that go to these events are more likely to be interested in potentially making a purchase to a brand that connects to them artistically. 

This is why a college fair is an excellent place to market a company’s brand because of its laser focus target audience.

Student clubs and organization events

Student clubs and organizations are often very interactive and busy. These are college students who are most likely to check out the products and services as well as providing some sort of engagement. Plus, certain clubs and events are highly targeted towards a specific industry, so it’s easier to bring brand awareness to these individuals, especially if the brand relates to that industry.

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Family visit weekends

Even though the students are broke, it doesn’t mean their parents are. This is why marketing a brand during family visit weekends is an excellent idea. This allows students and their parents to engage in the brand actively and have a meaningful discussion about it. If the parents find that this is something valuable and useful for their kids, they can make an immediate purchase. Even if they don’t make a purchase, they can talk to their friends and family about it to spread awareness.

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What to give away

When it comes to giveaways at a college, here are 20 best gifts that can activate a company’s brand.

17 Oz. Thermo Go Bottle w/Travel Case

 17 Oz. Thermo Go Bottle w/Travel Case

This bottle can keep any beverage warm for long hours. This is a wonderful gift, especially for students who are stuck in a long boring lecture that needs hot coffee to keep them awake. 

It’s an insulated stainless vacuum bottle with a lid and a vacuum seal push button with a massive area for the company’s logo.


Powder Coated Hydro-Soul Water Bottle – 17 Oz

This water bottle has a copper lining that keeps the drink cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to eight hours. This is an excellent portable water bottle that students can take everywhere they go.

It features double-wall, vacuum-insulated construction, along with a full drip-free mouth and a no-drip insulated lid.

Classic Pullover with Custom Hood Lining

Classic Pullover with Custom Hood Lining

The sweatshirt features a pullover fleece with fabric drawstrings in the front. It’s beautiful and warm and has a creative twist with a customizable hood. The hoodie is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester and comes in various colors.

In addition to that, companies can incorporate their logo on the front part of the sweater. 

Josephine™ Tote Bag (Screen Print)

Josephine™ Tote Bag (Screen Print)

The stylish tote bag has a reasonable feature with a cotton front and back panel with an ample amount of space for the logo. The 10 oz cotton front contains natural colored jute gussets and bottom. It’s a stylish bag that students can use to carry all their stuff as well as showcasing the company’s logo.

Looking for gifts to reward your employees? 1338Tryon can help

Square Fabric Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

 Square Fabric Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker has a creative dustproof design that is covered with cloth. It has a variety of colorful woven fabric and features a shockproof functionality. It works wonderfully in a range of 10 m and can last for two hours. Students can use this to watch TV or listen to music. Companies can even put their logo on the Bluetooth speaker.

Qi Wireless Charge Pad

Qi Wireless Charge Pad

This is a perfect accessory for smartphone users who always run out of battery. The wireless charging pad can charge the user’s phone without using a cord. All they have to do is place the phone on the pad and watch it charge. 

Plus, it contains a nonslip grip on the top and bottom to keep the iPhone secure. This is an excellent giveaway with a customizable logo on the pad.

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Key West Sunglasses

Key West Sunglasses

These fun and exciting sunglasses come in a variety of styles and colors. Companies can add their logo along with a glossy finish. It has a UV 400 protection which is an excellent giveaway during the summer.

Gildan® Men’s DryBlend® 50 Cotton/50 Poly T-Shirt

Gildan® Men's DryBlend® 50 Cotton/50 Poly T-Shirt

This stylish T-shirt has moisture-wicking property, double-needle sleeves, heat transfer labels, and hem and taped neck. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and it’s a great way to implement the company logo.

1″ Standard Round Ring Vinyl Binder

1" Standard Round Ring Vinyl Binder

 This round ring vinyl binder can hold over 200 pages. Add a logo in front of the binder, and it can be a powerful marketing strategy as the student carries it from one classroom to another.

Want something that people will remember you by? 1338Tryon can help

Cork’n Velvet Coaster

Cork'n Velvet Coaster

This cork top has a soft velvety bottom. It’s made to protect the table and desk from water damage and cup ring. Not only that, but companies can also add their logo on the coaster and create a genius marketing tool that can spread brand awareness when the student decides to throw a big party with a significant number of guests, which requires a coaster to keep their tables clean.

Small Round Bag Clip with Magnet

Small Round Bag Clip with Magnet

This fantastic clip and magnet will keep the documents together as well as stacks of reminders. They are a useful solution for a messy student that needs to keep their stuff organized.

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Go & Glow Reflective Beanie With Cuff

Go & Glow Reflective Beanie With Cuff

This one size fits all acrylic beanie can keep anyone’s head warm during the cold season. It’s also stylish and trendy that will make an excellent conversation starter. The front of the beanie is where the logo is placed, which is a fashionable advertisement statement wherever the students go.

Sticky Flag Jotter

Sticky Flag Jotter

Students live a busy life, so they want to jot down notes, reminders, or assignments so they won’t forget. The sticky flag charter comes in five different colors along with a 60 sheets spiral down memo pad. It also has a mini ballpoint pen inserted in the elastic loop.

Notebook with Pen and Sticky Flags

The essential tools to be successful in class are a notebook and a pen. This notebook contains a matching paper barrel pen. It has 70 pages of line memo along with sticky flags in five different colors. The interior can expand into a pocket, therefore, holding the cards. With this powerful combo along with the logo incorporated in the pads, the student will remember the brand that reminds them of success.

1″ Pricebuster Lanyard Maximum Savings

1" Pricebuster Lanyard Maximum Savings

This price buster lanyard is made of high-quality soft and silky polyester material. It includes four different colors and styles that match the student’s style and personality.

Heathered Drawstring Backpack

Heathered Drawstring Backpack

This stylish and portable drawstring backpack is made of gray polyester. It is extra thick and sturdy, but also comfortable along with an adjustable drawstring cord. It’s highly convenient for students who need to carry a smaller load around the campus.

22 Oz. Aluminum Sports Water Bottle w/ Carabiner

22 Oz. Aluminum Sports Water Bottle w/ Carabiner

This water bottle reminds students to stay hydrated throughout the day. The sports bottle is made with aluminum material and has a 22-ounce container with a black twisted top lid. It has a silkscreen imprint area for the logo, and it’s eco- friendly and reusable. 

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Multi-Function Charging Cable with MFI Lightning

Multi-Function Charging Cable with MFI Lightning

This 3 cord USB cable can fit any device, which means that students can use their own power sources like a charger, plug, or a computer. The LED light turns on when it’s connected to a power supply.

Anker® PowerWave 7.5W Stand Qi Wireless Charger Black

Anker® PowerWave 7.5W Stand Qi Wireless Charger Black

This device works at high-speed and with most wireless charged phones. It can charge in landscape orientation for watching video or portrait mode for facial recognition. This is a case-friendly device with charging power that can connect directly through the protective case.

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Omega Mobile Power Bank

Omega Mobile Power Bank

This aluminum case rechargeable power bank lithium battery provides significant power back up for any mobile device. All users have to do is plug the device charging cable into the USB port to charge. This is a handy device for college students who are continually using their electronics. As a matter of fact, having a customized logo on the device can be a strategic way of spreading brand awareness.


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How to Build Successful Employee Award and Recognition Programs

According to a report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, only 24 percent of respondents say that employees in their organization are engaged.

That’s especially concerning, considering that they also found that “a highly engaged workforce can increase innovation, productivity, and bottom-line performance while reducing costs related to hiring and retention in highly competitive talent markets.”

On the bright side, the report finds that recognizing high performers is considered to have a powerful effect on employee engagement.

At 1338Tryon, we help you build an employee engagement program with strong promotional marketing. A well-made employee recognition program can be your ticket to engagement and the business success that follows. 

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Why Does Public Recognition Matter?

People need to know that their work is valued and important. Private recognition can be nice, but public recognition sends a strong message. It shows that everyone should appreciate a valuable contribution.

On top of that, in order for everyone to benefit from recognition, and not just the employee being recognized, it’s important for other employees to see that value is rewarded. It’s also a great way for them to get a clear picture of what valuable contributions look like.

Why Informal Recognition Isn’t Enough

An informal recognition fails to make crystal clear what kind of contributions are valued. If it’s done in private, then the recipient may feel somewhat encouraged. But they won’t feel as encouraged as if all of their co-workers were there to congratulate them with you.

Additionally, the other employees would have no idea that someone’s good work garners acknowledgement and rewards. As a result, they would have less incentive to perform exceedingly well so that their future work could also be rewarded.

Types of Rewards

Prism Diamond Award

Recognizing employees can take several forms. Employee awards might include a token of some kind that reads “Employee of the Month,” a gift card, special privileges, public praise, and more.

Some employee recognition programs use cash, though this can be a mistake in some situations.

Why Not Cash?

Using monetary awards has a few downsides. The most obvious is that it costs money! For businesses on a tight budget, one more expense can be difficult to stomach.

On top of that, cash awards are impersonal. They’re an obvious first thought, which is exactly the problem. They don’t show any degree of attention to the specifics of the employee or the work they’ve recently done.

If your employees are already well-paid, then a cash reward isn’t likely to affect them that much. You can achieve a stronger effect with social rewards and some personal attention.

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Traditional Awards

Faceted Crystal Circle – Medium

Traditional and time-tested rewards include a token of recognition of some kind. A medal, a plaque, or a statuette can be a great way to take nebulous approval and make it concrete. 

The more clearly a token shows that you have put time and resources into it, the stronger the message that your praise is sincere and you take people’s work seriously. 

Gift cards can also be a tool in your belt to motivate employees. If the employee to be recognized loves a particular store or restaurant, a gift card to their favorite place can be a two-fold reward, not only giving them something they can enjoy using but also showing awareness of who they are as a person and what they like.

Giving the employees some power to express their preferences is a great way to make them feel that the recognition program is oriented towards them. Have a special meeting and invite employees to brainstorm together what kind of recognition rewards they’d most enjoy.

Each workplace is different, so this is a powerful way to take advantage of any idiosyncrasies of yours. A coveted parking space or break room privilege might really motivate your employees, but you have to ask them to find out!

Items With Emotional Value

Moleskine® Soft Cover Ruled X-Large Notebook Black

You can also take advantage of the natural prestige that exists within the office. An admired figure like a boss or CEO can really make recognition strike home by adding brand voice to it. They can choose a product like a branded notebook, hat, or even bag to drum up excitement.

Try getting the CEO or another person high up in the business to write or otherwise deliver a brief message thanking the employee for their excellent work. This can be included alongside a personal gift, like a beautiful (and useful!) Moleskine notebook.

Marc Jacobs The Tag Tote 27 (Black)

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Criteria for Employee Recognition Programs

team collaboration and working together

Recognition programs need to be as clear as possible. A well-designed program can motivate people before, during and after the recognition itself. It can motivate both the recipient and all the other employees.

On the other hand, a few design flaws in employee award programs can dilute their effect and waste their potential.

First, make sure that your program recognizes people at well-known intervals. Every time you reward someone’s good work, it will help remind everyone that someone will be rewarded again next time, and it could be them!

Try to reward people for discretionary good behavior. If you reward someone for something that no one else can do, the other employees might feel like they can’t compete, so they might as well ignore the rewards program.

For example, if you reward someone for an amazing feat of computer programming, other employees without those skills might not feel included.

On the other hand, if an amazing programmer goes the extra mile to help their whole team on a project, that would be a perfect opportunity for a reward. Everyone will feel that teamwork is appreciated and that they might be rewarded next month by being a great team player in the coming weeks.

On top of that, try to find a variety of things to reward. When employees see that they can be rewarded for good behavior of all kinds, it motivates them to behave well in every way, rather than in only one narrow domain.

Motivate Your Workplace!

two women writing on a white board

We hope this review of employee recognition programs has been helpful. To find great awards to give your employees or learn more about personalizing your workplace, check out our website!

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8 Ways to Extend your Marketing Messages Post-Event

After your guests leave your event venue, your work has just begun. It’s time to begin your marketing post-event. 

When it comes to engaging with your potential customers after an event, it is more than nurturing them to take action and increase your ROI. The key is to keep the attendees interested in engaging with your brand.

At 1338Tryon, we know the value of strong, yet personal branding. Here are some useful marketing post-event ideas that you should consider.

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Ask for Feedback

Creating a post-event survey is the simplest way to measure the attendees’ satisfaction. The results allow you to know what went well and what went wrong. 

Create a survey and send it at least 12 hours after an event. Ask them why they agreed to come to the event, what they liked best, and what you can improve on. Ask recipients to rate different factors about the event.

The questions can revolve around the following.

  • How they enjoyed various workshops
  • How they would rate the clarity of the speakers
  • How much they liked the venue
  • If the food was great
  • If the customer care was courteous and helpful

If there’s a part that receives a low rating like five and below, requests the recipient to give reasons. Be sure to give incentives for your survey with a discount or something to encourage participation. Providing an incentive for them to fill out as this information will be extremely valuable in planning future events. You can give survey-takers a raffle ticket for a prize like the one below, personalized with your brand name or logo.

New York Oversized Mug – 18 Oz.

Extend your marketing messages with 1338Tryon.

Create a Networking Event

Consider setting up a small follow-up event where attendees who connected with each other can meet again. The goal of a follow-up event should be to allow attendees to mingle and get to know each other even better.

The event can be held remotely or live. In both cases, you need a facilitator. If attendees were from different locations, find geographical locations that are convenient for everyone.

If you want to do this the simple way, you can create a forum where your moderator facilitates discussions about anything related to the event. Individuals who attended your event have similar interests and needs, and discussions among them help in keeping the name of your brand fresh in their minds.

A follow-up event can further enhance your brand’s customer experience.

Vlog and Blog For Stronger Marketing Post-Event Results

wordpress blogger writing about cofee

Vlogging and blogging are seen as effective pre-event tasks. However, they’re equally powerful as marketing post-event ideas.

After your event, revamp your posts. You already have plenty of materials for these.

Here are some ideas on things to add to your vlog or blog after the event.

  • A thank you message for your attendees
  • Event highlights and testimonials
  • A post-even discount or offer limited to attendees
  • A collection of GIFs and memes from the events
  • An extensive blog about the product or service that was promoted on the event

This can be done on your social media platforms but it may not allow you to get into details.

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Follow-up with a Thank You Gift

YETI® Customized Rambler™ 20 oz. Tumbler

Was there anything your audience asked for more information on? Did they request samples? This is a great opportunity for you to keep the conversation going year round. 

Your attendees did you a huge favor by supporting your event. Although you may consider sending a personalized thank you email enough, you might consider doing more to enhance your marketing post-event results.

Show your appreciation by giving your guests something of value like a discount code. Something tangible is also appealing. Try mailing them a hand-written appreciation card accompanied by a gift card.

A thank you card should be sent after 24 hours of the event. However, you can send gifts later to show you haven’t forgotten their act. Consider also using promo products to add even more impact for your brand.

Once you organize another event, send them an early bird special deal or a personal invitation. Make it clear to the recipients that it’s your way of saying thank you for attending your past event.

Build Relationships through Social Media Contests

social media icon

Some of your attendees may experience post-event blues. Therefore, you want to keep the fun of the event fresh.

Give your guests something small to look forward to. This can be accomplished by a social media contest with a prize.

You don’t have to go overboard with the contest. You can use a funny photo or caption contest of a photo taken during the event using the event hashtag. The winner can be the participant who gets more votes or likes.

The entries become user-generated ideas that further market your brand after the event. Send an email announcing the winner and the runner-up. Be sure to give other individuals a consolation prize. Such as a code for a small discount.

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Extend Event-Only Offers for Marketing Post-Event

The day after your successful event is an opportunity to push your goal. If you launched your products at the event and sold it at a discount price, offer it at the same price for the next 24 hours. This option should only be available to your guests.

This goes to a charity event too. Continue talking about the amount of money you raised and keep encouraging others to contribute.

Analyze Your Data

After every event, you’ll learn a lot about your business and products from the feedback you get from your guests. 

Use this data to understand the customer needs and tweak your services to match the requirements. Your guests are a representation of your other potential buyers. Consider this data the next time you want to launch a new product.

Adjust Your “Ideal Guest Profile”

Before the event happened, all your profiles were probably based on your idea of your “ideal persona.” Now you’ve met and interacted with your ideal buyer.

Now adjust your guest profile based on this information. You may desire to gear your campaign towards men or women. You may also use any demographic data.

You may have to plan your next guest profile. And with all this data, get started on your next event planning. With a good analysis, you’re likely to get more people to attend your next event using the insights. 

Encourage the guests to take the required action.

Give These Marketing Post-Event Ideas a Try

An event shouldn’t end once you part ways with your guests. It would help if you took advantage of the event-blues. Encourage your guests to boost brand management, spread the word to other potential buyers, and build a loyal community.

Use some of these marketing post-event ideas to stay on your guests’ minds long after the occasion. For more tips on holding successful brand events, visit our blog.

For more tips on using promo items to make your event a memory, check out this article.

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