Best Tangible Rewards for Employee Incentives

    Your business is doing well, but you are looking for ways to make it even better. While you might think that doing a reward program for doing their job isn’t necessary, it is something that usually pays for itself in higher sales and better business. Okay then, what sort of incentives should you be offering? By far, a tangible reward is the best way to go, but even then there are things to keep in mind when incorporating an employee incentive program. Let’s break it down for you and give you the top tangible rewards you should offer.

    What Is A Tangible Reward?

    So, if something is tangible, it means that you can handle it, feel it, see it, hold it in your hands. A book, for example, is a tangible object. Intangible things are those that you can’t see, feel, or hold in your hands. For example, a compliment said by someone to you is an intangible. And while we all like and need the intangible things, like a thank you in recognition for something, having tangible items really carry a lot of weight.

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    For a business, the first tangible item that comes to mind is money. People like extra money, but this isn’t the only tangible thing. A golf membership provided by the company is a tangible item as well, and it has a financial aspect to it. Same with movie passes, theater tickets, various gift certificates, a flat-screen television, or other items. We like things, and tangible rewards are things.

    Why A Tangible Reward Instead of Intangible

    This is really a psychology issue more than anything else. Intangible rewards, such as recognition for securing a new big contract, are quite nice, and people like those things. They are recognized in front of their colleagues for doing a good job and are praised for those efforts. We all like that, but intangible rewards are fleeting, and people’s memories fade rapidly. A tangible reward is often something that can be enjoyed for a much longer time, and even if it is money, the item bought with the money will bring back good memories of the success that brought the reward.

    Tips On Using Rewards With Employees

    Okay, so you’re on board with doing a tangible reward incentive for your employees. Now you need to figure out not only what tangible reward to give, but how to include all of your employees in the program. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind as you are developing this incentive program. Perhaps the most important thing to do is involve the employees, or representatives of each group, in the development, implementation, and adjustments or revisions of the program. This will ensure that everyone is involved with the program and no one is left out.

    It is also important to make sure that all of the employees will be viewing the rewards as worthwhile of their effort. Seeking their input on the rewards offered will ensure that they will be participating towards the reward. Along with rewards that are viewed as worthwhile, it needs to be made very clear just how the rewards are to be earned. When they understand how rewards are earned, they will again make an effort towards earning those rewards. Finally, employees must see the rewards as obtainable, they have to believe that they have a good chance of getting the rewards. If the standards are too high, the rewards will never be obtained because employees don’t think they would make it, so they don’t try.

    Cash Is Still King

    Alright, on to the rewards to use for the incentive program. As much as we might like to think that money doesn’t motivate us, it really does. Cash is still king, as the saying might go, so having a reward of money is the top motivating reward. Perhaps you will literally do cash, with hundred dollar bills waving in your hand, but most businesses end up running the extra money through normal payroll.

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    Gift Cards Are Next

    If you want to do something other than cash, yet still have a solid, positive response from the employees, gift cards are the next top choice. Usually these gift cards are for local restaurants, perhaps a movie theater, or maybe from big retailers like Walmart or Amazon. Or you could simply leave it up to the employee(s) to decide at the time if the reward is obtained. However you do it, gift cards are an excellent choice for a reward.

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    Merchandise Is A Solid Hit

    The last option that you should look at for rewards is merchandise. The good part is that merchandise can include LOTS of different items, but this is also the bad part. Some top categories within the merchandise option include food or beverage items, such as Harry & David; apparel such as Old Navy or company logo wear; a watch of a decent brand; or even small electronic items or appliances. Variety is the spice of life, and merchandise provides plenty of variety.

    Don’t Forget The Celebration

    What can sometimes get lost in all of this talk about money rewards or gift cards or blenders and sweatshirts is the intangible aspect of things. Yes, this is about the tangible rewards, and they are the primary thing to focus on, but don’t overlook making a big deal about presenting these tangible rewards. Maybe you have a small company meeting where each person is recognized and presented with their reward. Or you might do a thank you lunch for the employees along with giving the employees their tangible reward. Whatever you do for tangible rewards, make some effort on the intangible “thanks” as well.


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    Wrap Up

    Ready to start working on that incentive program to help boost your business? Not only have we talked about the most visible aspect to the incentive program – the tangible rewards – but we’ve also discussed the importance of planning the incentive program utilizing all of the employees. When you do an incentive program well, your employees will embrace the program and work to obtain the rewards, and part of that means that the rewards are worthwhile in their estimation. Yes, there is some psychology involved in implementing an incentive program, but you aren’t blindly manipulating your employees to do something that they don’t want to do; you are involving them so that they know what they are getting into, and they buy into it to make it a success. Follow these tips and suggestions to make your incentive program a success, and be sure to adjust the program as you reach new milestones.

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    Your business is doing well, but you are looking for ways to make it even better. While you might think that doing a reward program for doing their job isn’t necessary, it is something that usually pays for itself in higher sales and better business. Okay then, what sort of incentives should you be offering? By far, a tangible reward is the best way to go, but even then there are things to keep in mind when incorporating an employee incentive program. Let’s break it down for you and give you the top tangible rewards you should offer.

    How to improve customer loyalty retention

    Bringing in customers is fantastic, but it’s only the first step. The only way for your business to grow is if you’re able to build a loyal fan base that keeps coming back. The White House Office of Consumer Affairs put out a study stating that it costs six to seven times more to draw in new customers than retain your current consumer base. Harvard Business Review gives you another thing to consider- increasing customer retention by just five percent can make profits go up by 25 percent to 95 percent. To create loyalty, merchants need to give their users a satisfying emotional experience by engaging users at every step of their journey. Building loyalty has to go far beyond mere customer satisfaction, however. Here are some ways that e-commerce merchants can engage users at every touchpoint and generate loyal customers through comprehensive engagement from all angles.

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    Ways Ecommerce Merchants Can Engage Their Customers

    Enroll Customers In A Loyalty Program 

    An optimal customer loyalty program is one of the most compelling strategies for customer retention. That means it’s essential for modern businesses to have a loyalty program in place to sustain growth. Gartner released research stating that bringing in new customers will cost your company five times as much as continuing to keep a customer you already have. A point-based loyalty program will not only raise in-store purchases; it will also help with online conversions. It’s straightforward to integrate with your website, social media channels, and email marketing to provide holistic customer engagement. One of the leading sports nutrition companies, Predator Nutrition, has effectively integrated a loyalty program within its core marketing strategy and multiply its average order value by an entire third. A comprehensive engagement model has been implemented by the brand to reward customers points not just for purchases, but also for subscribing to newsletters, referrals, writing reviews, and engaging with the brand on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

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    Engage With Customers Through Social Channels

    The rise of social media has created a significant opportunity for brands to connect with and win over customers. Studies show that 72 percent of consumers feel social media allows them to be more engaged with brands. Top social networks such as Facebook and Twitter provide engaging ways to respond to customer complaint requests on the go and to guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty. Creating incentives for various social engagements like tweeting, sharing, liking, and commenting will help teach customer loyalty with brands. Through giving out points for social activities, you can create a great way to engage users regularly. One company that’s been tremendous at creating a customer experience through social media is Starbucks. The brand emphasizes growing relationships with its customers through social channels. Starbucks buoys users to share good experiences and leverages social listening to offer an unmatched customer experience, thus establishing deep-rooted brand loyalty with its customers. 

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    Delight The Customer With Personalized Presents

    Remembering the customers’ special days is essential! Customers who receive personalized merchandise and attention from a company they did business with will think more highly of that company. You can incentivize customers with personalized presents (which you can order from us!) like printed t-shirts, mugs, and bags when they opt into your loyalty program. Include their select dates like birthdays in the information you ask for when they sign up for your loyalty program and reward them with bonus loyalty points and gifts for their birthday! Birthday emails are also a great way to make your customers feel special without being too naggy. Macy’s is a company that does this well- they send a thoughtful email to their subscribers and an offer such as “Free Shipping” to persuade them to take action. Delighting your customers with gifts and notes on their special occasions will keep you in their mind, in the fondest way!

    Group advertising

    Inspire Customers Through Referrals To Become Brand Ambassadors

    According to a Nielsen study, advice from family and friends is the most significant influence on respondents’ buying decisions. Get to know the customers who already promote you. There are plenty of ways to do so, and you can recruit your customers through many different channels. Generating key incentives for your loyalty program through points for referrals is a good idea. Word-of-mouth recommendations are another great way to gain brand ambassadors. Encourage your website visitors to share events and products with their family and friends through social channels, offer incentives, and create loyal brand advocates. 

    Support Seamless, Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

    It’s not just an option to have an omnichannel customer experience, but a necessity. An Exolevel Seamless Retail Study reported that 89 percent of respondents expected retailers to allow them to shop for products through a channel they found convenient. Today’s key driver of customer loyalty is to engage consumers with a precise message at the right time on the right track. Classic examples of successful omnichannel retailing embrace a customer-centric approach to compete with ecommerce merchants by standing out with superior customer experience. Merging in-store and digital operations to provide your customers with a seamless omnichannel experience is vital. One successful initiative successful retailers have utilized is to allow customers to “click and collect” by requesting an in-store pickup, thus dramatically reducing the number of clicks necessary to purchase online, turning stores into distribution warehouses for online purchases aligning pricing on all channels. 

    Businessmen consulting

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    While turning consumers into loyal customers is getting more and more complex as customer touch points multiply, a 360-degree engagement with them at those touch points is crucial. Your business should pinpoint those touch points, weave them into the overall customer journey, and then see your conversions climb! 1338 Tryon provides branded merchandise, recognition programs, marketing asset programs, and global sourcing to grow your business. Work with us to help your business reach its full potential. 

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    Work Anniversary Gift Ideas

    women with glasses raised

    Yes, observing work anniversaries can be time-consuming and costly, but initially, what you lose in time and money, will quickly be recouped many times over. 

    Saying to your staff that they are valued, isn’t just right for them, you will reap huge rewards as well.  Employees who feel appreciated in meaningful ways are apt to engage more with work. Whether they are on-site staff or remote workers, they will feel overall more motivated to contribute and invest in their work. Engaged workers are more positive, more productive, and remain loyal longer to the source of appreciation. 

    1 Year Work Anniversary

    That first year with a company is exciting – lots of learning and growing. So why not show your 1st-year employees some love. 

    A Customized Gift 

    Personalized mugs or water bottles are a great early gift. You don’t have to worry that it won’t get used, and it will be a daily reminder of your appreciation. Put their name on it, or even a nickname – but only if it’s flattering and they’ve embraced it.  Drinkware with word clouds displaying all the words their co-workers use to describe them, can also be fun.  

    If you’re looking for Personalized Gifts for your company, visit 1338Tryon for a broad selection of quality gifts.

    Personalized Business Card Holders are a classy way to say, ‘we’re glad you’re here.’ With their name embossed on the front, this useful gift will leave an impression. 

    No matter the gift you choose to give, finish it off with a handwritten note that lets them know that you recognize their presence, their work, and that you look forward to more years of their contribution with the company. 

    2 Year Work Anniversary

    Two years is a milestone, as this is when many younger employees get an itch to leave and try something new. If they’re valuable and have a future with the company, then make sure they know it.

    An Experience Gift

    Girl rock climbing

    This is a great time to go the extra mile and provide an enjoyable experience for your employees. If you don’t want to plan this yourself, some companies take the work out of it. You engage the company in a quick process, and they offer your employee a choice of extraordinary experiences from spa days to guitar lessons to virtual life coaching to ziplining!  Surely never to be forgotten. 

    The experience gift can be leveled up for any year work anniversary so that the offerings to your employee become more elaborate.

    Now that you know how your employee works, consider offering them some flexibility in their work-week. Offer a remote day once per week, if they’re usually on-site. This is a gift that won’t cost you, but will be much appreciated by them. 

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    3 Year Work Anniversary

    Let your employees know that they aren’t invisible after three years, and neither is their contribution to the company. 

    A Seat and A Voice

    Woman in meeting

    After three years, many employees know and understand your company’s culture enough to contribute more meaningfully. How about considering which meetings this employee may be allowed to attend and have the freedom to express their opinions. This can have the look and feel of a promotion, even if there are no higher positions currently available.  

    For a remote worker, consider a year-long snack subscription. These monthly treats will be a regular reminder that though they are out of sight, they aren’t out of mind. Select a healthy, but yummy box and know that you have made their day a little brighter.  

    4 Year Work Anniversary

    By this time, a certain level of loyalty has been established. The gift may reflect that by demonstrating more depth. 

    A Charitable Donation

    Consider a charitable donation in the name of your employee. Think about what causes are near and dear to their hearts and what is in keeping with your company’s culture. 

    Or how about a funky hamper? These are decorated baskets or boxes that can be filled with anything from sweets to champagne. You may go with one of their arrangements or build your own.    

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    5+ Year Work Anniversary

    By the time your employee has been with the company for five years, they’re showing loyalty and investment. They deserve to be rewarded. The following gift ideas are suitable for employees celebrating a work anniversary with you from 5 years to 25 years and beyond. 

    Experience gifts are always deeply appreciated and highly motivating. They show your employees that you don’t just see them as office furniture, but you understand that they are individuals with interests in and out of the office. The level of gift can be increased and the experience offered will become more rich and long-lasting. 

    Don’t be afraid of giving branded gifts. The appreciation is from the company after all, so a little reminder of that isn’t bad. 1338Tryon has a selection of branded gifts for your employees, from drinkware to apparel, tote bags to backpacks and briefcases, and a lot in between. Let your imagination run wild as your loyal employee enjoys a quality piece of merch that sports your logo everywhere. 

    If you’re looking for branded merchandise for your company, visit 1338Tryon for a broad selection of quality gifts.


      Woman in meeting    

    Source:  http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-sell-or-swap-gift-cards-amazon-ebay/

    Though money seems like an impersonal gift, it might be just the ticket in times of economic challenges. Gift cards for lunches or dinner, groceries, or even cards that work for a wide variety of shops can be a thoughtful and appreciated gift.  An Amazon card, or via Amazon, choose another card that provides your employee with something they will enjoy. 

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    The tried and true favs of a silver or gold watch are still in play, as well as other bits of jewelry, will leave your employees feeling valued. Pandora, Swarovski, and Olivia Burton are companies that provide luxury jewelry pieces for women. The smiles won’t stop coming when your employee opens a small box of appreciation that holds such great value.   

    If all of this is just more than you want to think about, pass responsibility onto another company. Snappy would love to show appreciation to your employees on your behalf. No more worrying about whether they’ll like the gift, your employee gets to choose from a variety of awesome gifts. 

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    It’s good to let your employees know that their time with you hasn’t gone unnoticed. What you consider a small gesture can mean a great deal and might be the difference between losing good people and retaining a talented workforce.

    List of Employee Recognition Quotes to Inspire Your Team


    Recognition helps employees know their company appreciates them and their contributions to the team’s success as well as the success of the company, this is crucial when organizations grow or change. It helps employees build a sense of security in their value to the company, motivating them to continue excellent work.


    The below employee recognition quotes will help you engage with your workforce and boost productivity through an effective appreciation of their hard work.


    For more on employee and business improvement check out our blog here.

    Improved Productivity:

    Recognition on a consistent basis improves employee engagement, which in turn, will boosts productivity. If their work is acknowledged, praised, and rewarded, it will drive the employee to work harder to receive additional employee recognition.


    Improved employee well-being:

    When an employee feels valued they tend to be happy. Employees that are Happy and fulfilled through being recognized by the organization they work for feels a greater sense of purpose at work. If an employer treats their employees well, they will want to do an excellent job in return.


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    Improved job satisfaction:

    smiling employees

    Being rewarded for hard work shows the employee the value of their work and how it adds to the company. This also provides the employee with a sense of purpose in their day to day work.


    25 Employee Recognition Quotes

    1. “Employees who report receiving recognition and praise within the last seven days show increased productivity, get higher scores from customers, and have better safety records. They’re just more engaged at work.” 

    – Tom Rath


    1. “The role of the CEO is to enable people to excel, help them discover their own wisdom, engage themselves entirely in their work, and accept responsibility for making change.” 

    – Vineet Naya


    1. “If you do not treat people with the respect they deserve, do not expect any kind of commitment to your productivity goals and target.” 

    – Ian Fuhr


    1. “When a manager recognizes an employee’s behavior, personally and sincerely, both feel proud, gratified, and happy. There’s a human connection that transcends the immediate culture to create a shared bond. The power of this bond is stronger than you might think; indeed, it’s the power that holds together great organizational cultures.” 

    – Erik Mosley and Derek Irvine


    1. “If you don’t create a great, rewarding place for people to work, they won’t do great work.” 

    – Ari Weinzweig


    1. “Take time to appreciate employees and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways.” 

    – Dr. Bob Nelson


    1. “Nothing is more effective than sincere, accurate praise, and nothing is more lame than a cookie-cutter compliment.” 

    – Bill Walsh                          


    1. “Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They’re absolutely free and worth a fortune.” 

    – Sam Walton


    1. “Being told something positive about yourself, whether from someone you’re close to, or a passing acquaintance, should really lift the spirits. Just the fact that someone has taken the time to let you know, should have you feeling noticed and appreciated.” 

    – Paul Bailey


    1. “Feeling gratitude, and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” 

    – William Arthur Ward


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    1. “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” 

    – Ken Blanchard


    1. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” 

    – Simon Sine


    1. “Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.”

    Simon Sinek


    1. “Employees are a company’s greatest asset – they’re your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission.” 

    – Anne M. Mulcahy


    1. “At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

    – Albert Schweitzer


    1. “Keep your eyes open and try to catch people in your company doing something right, then praise them for it.” 

    – Tom Hopkins


    1. “Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.” 

    – Randy Pausch


    1. “Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.” 

    – Ralph Marston


    1. “I think you need to love giving compliments as much as you love receiving them.” 

    – Yami Gautam


    1. “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” 

    – Leo F. Buscaglia


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    1. “Don’t forget, a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.” 

    – H. Jackson Brown Jr.


    1. “You become strong by lifting others up, not pulling them down.” 

    – Matshona Dhliwayo

    1. “Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.”

    – Frank A. Clark


    1. “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, What’s in it for me?”

     – Brian Tracy

    1. “You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins.” 

    – Jim Stovall


    Let these words help you to inspire your employees and business to strive for success. Remember, showing recognition consistently can significantly improve the atmosphere at work, pushing your employees to work harder and enjoy doing it.

    For more business advice and tips have a look at our website.

    Hosting A Webinar: Tips To Stand Out

    So you want to host a webinar. These can be genuinely inspiring, learning experiences, or they can be dull and a waste of time. To ensure yours is the former, and to make your experience of hosting a relatively stress-free one, here are the best tips. We include the planning, execution, and debriefing stages. We aim to make you and your webinar stand out in the very best way. 

    Why Webinars

    Webinars are interactive online seminars that anyone with an internet connection and the necessary software may virtually attend. Usually, a host (or moderator) is joined by one or more presenters who teach or speak on a topic for a set amount of time. Not unlike an in-person seminar, webinars generally end with a question and answer period. 

    Webinars are growing in popularity and for good reason. Often used as tools for marketing content, they can be highly successful. One of their main advantages is that they have no restrictions on geographic location. The host, presenters, and attendees may be spread across the world, but come together virtually to share ideas. This broadens the list of potential invitees and guests. 

    The format of webinars is also very flexible and lends itself easily to being repurposed. They can be recorded and shared with new audiences, made into advertisements, posted on social media, or even sold. 

    Tip 1: Visual Branding

    Remember to include the visual tone of your brand in as many ways as it makes sense. For instance, add your logo in strategic places, and use fonts, colors, and other visual elements that match your brand’s style. This will help your webinar to point consistently to your brand and create an impression on your attendees. 

    Tip 2: Remember Mobile Devices

    Statistics on exactly how many attendees are using mobile devices are conflicting but know that many of your attendees will be using their phone, tablet, or laptop. So remember to optimize for mobile. Other ideas include increased text and graphic size on your slides and annotations. Your mobile-using attendees will thank you for it, and the desktop users won’t complain either. 

    Also, choose a webinar platform that supports mobile devices for their interactive features, like group chat, polling, and document sharing. 

    Tip 3: Choose A Reputable Webinar Platform

    This is not the place to cut corners. A good webinar hosting platform will make the process easy and go a long way in alleviating stress. They will also make registration easy for your attendees, with clear instructions and a simple process. A good platform will provide attendees with multiple ways to join, keeping in mind that not everyone uses a desktop computer. 

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    Tip 4: Choose the Right Day and Time

    Choosing the right day and time will make it possible for as many to attend as possible. To figure this out, you should consider your target demographic and what region of the world or area of the country most reside.  

    Interestingly, some research shows that Wednesdays and Thursdays are the two best days for hosting a webinar. The beginning and end of the week tend to have the worst attendance. Another way to choose the day and time is to check Google Analytics to see when your audience is the most engaged with your website. This could give you some clue of when they are likely to be free to attend your webinar.

    Picking the right time of day is equally as important as choosing the right day. The same research says that 11 am Pacific Standard Time is when webinars have the highest attendance. For webinars within the United States – registrants could attend at 2 pm in New York and at lunchtime in Central and Mountain time zones. This is because it’s possible for attendees across the time zones. 

    Hands together

    Tip 5: Get Help

    While it is possible to plan and carry out a webinar on your own, it might drive you mad to attempt to do so. There are many details to attend to – before, during, and after your webinar. And if you want everything to go well – delegate responsibilities. 

    Have someone who understands the software and hardware you’re using to work alongside you. They don’t have to be experts on the subject matter, but they can help with the planning, attend to glitches if they should arise, and monitor the chat room.  

    Are you looking to extend your brand and engage your audience? At 1338Tryon, we’re the experts on marketing promotions.

    Tip 6: Choose Your Topic With Your Audience in Mind

    What does your target demographic want to hear or learn? Focus on killer content, because even if the technical bits go over without a hitch, your audience still needs to feel that their time was not wasted.  

    Whether your webinar is paid-for or it’s offered free of charge, people want to know that they’ve learned something – that’s the purpose of the webinar. A large part of hosting the webinar is establishing yourself (or your presenters) as experts in the field. That won’t happen if your content is lacking.

    You probably already have a general idea of your topic, but to narrow it down, consider the following sources:

    • Check your FAQs for topics your customers often ask.
    • Search Google Analytics for top searches on the topic. 
    • Poll your audience.

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    Tip 7: Promote Well in Advance

    To maximize attendance, your audience needs to know about the upcoming webinar. Begin with an engaging landing page, where your audience will find intriguing content to excite and motivate them to register. 

    Tell your audience all about what they will learn and introduce your presenters to them. Highlight the date and time, and publicize the webinar on your social media. Have your followers share your posts with their friends and followers as well. You could even produce a short video to whet the appetite of your potential attendees.  

    Finally, on the lead up to the day, send out email reminders until just hours before the webinar begins. Make it easy for your registrants to remember to attend. 

    Tip 8: Practice, Practice, Practice

    Practice your webinar over and over again. Create a script and do dry runs, presenting your topic using the equipment you’ll use on the day. This will help you be familiar with the equipment, and if there are any hiccups, you’ll know how to deal with them. How many times should you practice? Until you have a polished product. The added advantage of rehearsal is that it will give you confidence for the webinar – and confidence is crucial.

    Tip 9: Engage with Your Audience 

    The most natural thing to do during the webinar is to forget all about the audience and just stick to the script. But it won’t make for much of a webinar. Interact with your audience by asking them questions and checking the comments or chat room for their responses. 

    Leave plenty of time in the end for questions and comments. Here, you’ll hear valuable feedback and be able to answer your audience’s questions. This will leave them feeling as though they’re received great value from the webinar – a great motivator to tell their friends about you and attend your next one. 

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    Woman on laptop

    Tip 10: Host Best Practices

    Here are a few best practices for the host on the day of the event:

    • Begin on time – show respect for the time of your attendees by beginning on time.
    • Be prepared – be in command of the whole event.
    • Capture their attention – be interesting and give plenty of value.
    • Have your own questions – be ready for the Q&A Session in case you don’t receive enough questions.

    Tip 11: Call to Action

    Your audience must receive a clear call to action at the end of the webinar. There should be no question about what they need to do next, whether it’s buying your product, enrolling in your course, or just downloading a white paper. 

    Tip 12: Post-Event Goodies

    After the webinar, send your attendees more content by way of emails. This is a means of adding value, but also keeping them engaged with you. If they didn’t follow through the first time by buying into your offer, you get another chance to win them over. 

    This added content should go to everyone, including the people who registered but didn’t show up. This will encourage them to take advantage of your offer and attend future webinars.

    Tip 13: How Did You Do

    Now that it’s over, you need to evaluate your efforts. Get honest feedback from the attendees, guest presenters, team members, and for the nitty-gritty stuff – you can use in-platform analytics. 

    Are you wondering if your company needs product branding? It does, and 1338Tryon has what you need. Contact us today. 


    We hope you found these tips helpful. Hosting a webinar is a service to your community and audience. It is an effective way to engage and build your audience, but they can cause significant stress. Using the tips above, you can plan and execute a great webinar and represent your brand well. 

    11 Best Corporate Products to Offer

    Determining the best custom promotional products for your business takes a lot of research. Do you want something intriguing, or are you looking to be classic? Whichever way you decide to go, there are an infinite amount of options from which to choose. 

    Having clients and employees wearing branded products is a great way to advertise your company. 

    Here, we narrowed down the best custom products to offer. From classic to more unique and meaningful options, this is our list of the best corporate products to offer.

    12 Best Corporate Products To Offer

    Travel Products


    Grey Drawstring backpack with zippers.


    When you’re thinking about the best product to promote your brand, having a universally useful product is always a good place to start. 

    Advertising on the back of a drawstring backpack has so many benefits. Drawstring backpacks tend to have a lot of surface area, so you have a lot of room to work with when deciding where to put your logo. 

    People tend to grab these when they are on the go either traveling or doing outdoor activities, so there is potential for a lot of exposure.

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    Do you want to advertise with a custom backpack of your choice? Click here to check out this product! 


    Face Maks?

    Grey Drawstring backpack with zippers.


    Protect while you promote! Maintain a healthy environment for employees and customers with a custom face mask! 

    These face masks are made of soft cotton and washable. Our world is always on the go, so advertising on a custom face mask can reach a lot of potential clients!


    Do you want to advertise while maintaining a healthy workplace? Click here to check out these custom face masks!

    Tote Bag

    Corporate Products Eco-Friendly Tote Bag


    Eco-friendly products are a great way to show your clients that your company is doing your part. This customizable tote bag is biodegradable and the perfect size to advertise on. 

    Tote bags are a great giveaway option because, like backpacks, they are taken to various places. All of your customers will be able to advertise your products all over town!

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    Do you like the idea of eco-friendly tote bags? Click here to learn more about these products!

    Zip-Up Jacket

    Grey zip-up jacket corporate products


    Advertising your brand on a zip-up jacket is such an efficient way to promote your brand! Zip-up jackets are used every day in a variety of situations.

    If your customers or employees are traveling and want something warm to put on, why not have them reach for a jacket with your logo on it? 

    Having the name of your business on a custom sleek zip-up is a great way to keep your name in your customer’s minds.

    Do you want to check out a custom zip-up jacket? Click here to see our collection! 


    Outdoor Products

    Water Bottle

    Reuseable Water Bottles Corporate Products


    Custom water bottles are a top-notch custom product to offer. A custom water bottle with your company’s logo will be used everywhere from the beach to the gym.

    Products like water bottles are a great way to introduce new hires to the workplace or as a swag giveaway! 

    These water bottles are stainless steel and insulated and can be customized in a variety of ways.


    Do you want to advertise with some insulated water bottles? Click here to check out your options! 


    Fanny Pack

    Multiple colored fanny packs


    Fanny packs have made a comeback, and they are used in a variety of situations. For travelers who want to keep their essentials close by, to adventurers hiking the trails, fanny packs are a great giveaway that everyone can use.

    Having your logo on a fanny pack opens up the potential for your business to be seen in even the most obscure places!

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    Convinced you want to advertise on a fanny pack? Click here to check out your options! 

    Tech Products

    Power Bank

    Black and blue charging banks

    Having an uncharged phone is unacceptable in this day and age. Power banks are essential for clients on the go. 

    Advertising on a power bank will have your clients thinking of your business every time they reach into their bag to charge their phone, and that’s a lot.  

    Do you want to use a power bank to help you clients get through their day? Click here to find out more information. 


    Airpod Case

    multiple colored custom AirPods cases

    Customizing AirPod cases are an innovative way to advertise your business. These AirPod cases come with a cut-out port that allows the AirPods to charge while still in the case!

    This is a great giveaway option or even an enticing gift for clients or new hires!

    Did you like the innovative idea of advertising on AirPods? Click here to see more! 


    Office Products

    Stress Ball

    Green and yellow pineapple stress ball

    Life can be stressful; your clients know that very well! Why not provide them with a little fun-sized stress relief?

    Stress balls, like this one, are perfect small promotional products that anyone can enjoy! You can give these away with swag bags or individually as part of a promotional event!

    Do you want to help your customers relieve some stress? Click here to see all about our products. 


    Business Card Holder?

    Carbon fiber business card holder

    Branding on a product like this business card holder can have your clients feeling organized and protected. 

    This RFID aluminum case is the perfect promotional gift for customers who value their safety. This holder disrupts cyber hacking as it prevents data transfer between the scanning device and your credit card.  

    Giving your clients security is something they will never forget. Click here to see all of the specs this cardholder has to offer. 

    Personal Organizer

    Custom personal organizer


    Having everything you need when you are entering a meeting is crucial. Having a premium branded product, like this personal organizer, will have your clients remembering your name every time they come to a meeting. 

    This personal organizer has a sleeve for a tablet, pens, a notebook, and business cards. This is a great product to give to high profile clients who want to know that you care.

    Keep your clients organized with this personal organizer! Click here to learn more information.


    Customizing products to advertise your brand is one of the most effective ways to see your company grow. 

    Branding traditional swag like drawstring backpacks and stress balls are great at giveaways and promotional events. On the other hand, standing out with AirPod cases and Personal organizers are unique products that clients and new hires won’t forget!

    When you figure out what is best for your company and brand products, the results will be undeniable.

    12 Steps to Achieve Successful Corporate Branding

    Corporate branding is a reliable tool. If you think about some of the most popular companies on the market, we bet that you would be able to name most of them from a snippet of their company brand. If you want strong corporate branding, you need to be able to remove the name and still have consumers recognize your company. In this article, we’re going to be looking at 12 steps that you can take to achieve successful corporate branding so that you can apply them to your business and build your brand. Let’s take a look at what these 12 steps are and how they will help you.

    Are you interested in branding merchandise? Get to know us and see what we have to offer.

    Be More Than Just A Company

    You need to understand that customers don’t want to buy from a corporation. They want to buy from people. It’s no longer enough to sell them something great at a reasonable price, but now people want you to share their views and values and understand their needs rather than supply them with a product. For this reason, you’ve got to think outside the box when it comes to your corporate branding strategy. Find your target audience, figure out your chosen personality, and then prove that you’re more than another soulless company. Show your passion in your brand, and deliver on your promises.

    One Size Does Not Fit All

    You’ve got to keep in mind that your company has its specific business values and how you do things. This is why you can’t simply follow what other companies in your industry do. It’s not going to be good enough to be a copycat; even the best branding models need tailoring to fit your business’s specifics. Keep in mind that branding and business strategy goes hand in hand, with the branding being the face of the company. Don’t fall into the trap of emulating the branding strategies of other businesses. When it comes to branding, be yourself.

    Talk to Your Customers

    Who knows the most about your company? It’s your customers, employees, and any stakeholder in your company. The best thing you can do is conduct thorough research and talk to them. Find out what appeals to them, and find any other information that you are going to need to achieve successful corporate branding. As a rough guide, you should be using about 5% of your marketing budget to research and get all of the information you need. The thing that you’ve got to remember is that you want to be their voice, you want to appeal to what they want, so you must listen to whatever they tell you.

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    The CEO Needs To Be In Charge

    The CEO must be in charge of the brand strategy. This person needs to be interested, passionate, and believes in what you are trying to build. You will need more people than just the CEO to come up with a great brand, but that is where a brand management team comes in. This needs to consist of senior contributors who will help integrate the new strategy while ensuring it is continuously developed. But, none of this matters if the CEO is not personally involved. Any brand has to start in the boardroom, right at the top because if they don’t believe in it, nobody else is going to either.

    Connect With Your Target Audience

    It’s not just about creating a corporate brand; it’s about using this to connect with your audience. Communication is essential, and you’ve got to bring the new corporate brand to life using a range of marketing activities—these need to be carefully executed to have the desired effect. Rather than trying to communicate all of your points from the branding strategy, it would be wise to pick a couple. Use the ones that will have the most impact using the marketing resources you’ve decided.

    Make Use of Modern Technology

    Technology is going to help when it comes to your brand’s effectiveness, seeing as a well designed and marketed brand online is very important these days. We live in the age of technology, and you need to make sure that you’ve got a professional website at the very least. You’ve got customers who are going to be super internet savvy, so a great website is necessary, or your business does not exist. Times have changed, and what used to work 20 years ago is not going to cut it now. It’s simply a case with keeping up with the times and what your customers want from you.

    Get People Involved As Brand Ambassadors

    People are one of the essential parts of any business. It’s not just interactions with the people from your business, but also the number of people that everyone interacts with on a family basis. Friends, family, acquaintances, social media friends, the list goes on, which is why you want these people on your team as a brand ambassador. Word of mouth is one of the most valuable marketing techniques and can help you build a positive reputation around your brand. Your employees are the obvious choice for ambassadors, but you’ve got to encourage them to take on this role by training them and helping them believe in what you are creating. Lay out the aims, the beliefs, the values, and once they are fully understood, a new brand ambassador is there!

    Your Promise Needs To Be Clear

    The message you want to convey through your brand needs to be crystal clear. Be concise; don’t be vague because people don’t like that. Let them know what you stand for, let them know what you do, and any promises you make need to be set in stone to deliver a more authentic experience to your customers. If you’re struggling, you can always consult a professional business such as 1338Tryon. There’s nothing wrong with needing help to achieve success.

    Keep Your Eye on Performance

    A corporate brand needs to be accountable. It’s crucial that you work out how much value it is adding to the business as a whole, and then how important it is when it comes to securing competitiveness. Consider using a brand scorecard to help get an overview of the brand equity and how it is changing or progressing as the new strategy gets implemented. It would be best if you tracked the brand equity regularly to understand how it’s performing.

    The Delivery 

    You are promising people something with your corporate brand. It sits front and center, being the face of the business strategy. You are showing people what they can expect from your business. That means the delivery of the products and services should be carefully evaluated before the corporate branding takes place. You will find out the truth of how well your business is being received when you deliver the corporate brand promise. It’s never a bad thing to exceed customers’ expectations, but this isn’t always possible. Take extra care to ensure that customers are being handled with extreme care based on the expectations that your company has, both internal and external.

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    Be Consistent

    If you want to be successful when it comes to corporate branding, you must be consistent. There is no use going through this whole project if it turns out that none of your messages are clear or consistent as time goes on. Of course, things change, but you want people to understand who you are, which will not happen if your corporate brand does not remain consistent in its efforts.


    Don’t Be Afraid To Make Necessary Changes

    Business changes all the time. Everything is constantly evolving and moving, so you need to be able to adapt and edit where necessary. Auditing your corporate brand strategy must be done regularly. Only by doing this will you be able to make the changes you need while still keeping a consistent message. Keep in mind that you don’t want to change things like the vision, identity, values, or personality of your corporate branding strategy as these are the foundation. Changes are small but need to be made to make up with the changing business landscape that you find yourself facing.

    Brands are going to come out on top when they are led by owners who always want to raise the standard. If you aren’t able to make the necessary changes, you aren’t setting the bar high enough to succeed in this area.

    Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know how you can achieve successful corporate branding. If you follow these 12 steps, you will be giving yourself the best chance to create a brand that people love and remember. Good luck, and we hope that you get the results that you’re seeking.

    Are you ready to start branding? Visit our official website and see what we can do for your company.

    Home Office Gifts for Employees

    There is no denying that remote working has increased massively over the past few months. In light of COVID-19, a lot of businesses have been forced to operate out of their homes. To ensure that productivity levels are kept high, and employees are motivated, you need to encourage them to create a great office environment. A lot of businesses have invested in desks and ergonomic chairs for their workforce, for instance. One way that you can make your employees feel appreciated is by purchasing them a home office gift. Below, we will take a look at some of the best suggestions to give you a helping hand.

    – Snack subscription – 

    Subscription boxes have become very popular in recent years. There are now many different snack subscription boxes you can choose from. We would recommend opting for healthy yet tasty snack boxes for your workers. You can select the subscription to last for as long as they will be working from home. This will put a smile on your employees’ faces while also ensuring that they are getting the nutrition they need to be healthy and productive. 

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    – A color page scanner – 

    This is one of those products that you never know you need until you find that you really, really need one, if you get what we mean! If your employees are frequently using contracts, submitting expense reports, or saving receipts, they will find a lot of use for a page scanner. These scanners tend to be powered via USB, scanning several pages per minute. This can help your workers to be much more efficient while at home.

    – Wireless charger – 

    You can make your employees’ lives a lot easier with a wireless charger. Make sure you look for a charger that is going to be compatible with most phones. For example, this Air Wireless Charger from Factory Direct is compatible with both Samsung and Apple phones. You can purchase it at 1338Tryon. You can also brand the charger so that it has your business’ colors and logo included. The cost of these chargers is low, so you’re not going to have to spend a lot of money to get your entire workforce kitted out. It will help them to keep their desk organized and ensure they do not have loose wires everywhere. 

    – Headphones – 

    A good pair of headphones is always going to be appreciated by your at-home workforce. This will enable them to stream their favorite music while working or listen in on a conference call without trouble. Lots of fabulous headphones are out there today, so you should have no trouble finding something affordable and portable. 

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    a man listening to music and dancing

    – A scented candle – 

    It does not have to all be about technology when it comes to purchasing gifts for your employees who are working from home. You can buy them something that will make their office environment a lot nicer to be in. This is what a scented candle will achieve. It will make a space a lot cozier, brightening up the area and making it more enjoyable for them to be in. Some scents can help with concentration, productivity, and calmness, so choose your scents with care. 

    – Temperature control smart mug – 

    Most employees worldwide will agree on one thing: coffee is essential to get through the day! You can help your employees ensure they get their daily coffee dose by purchasing a temperature-controlling mug. Most of these mugs are battery-powered, and they make sure that every sip the person takes is going to be toasty. The charging coaster keeps the mug working all day long. You will know how much of a reasonable investment this is if you have ever experienced that frustrating moment when you drink your coffee, and it is cold because you have been working so hard! 

    Looking for the perfect home-office gift for your employees? 1338 Tyron has everything you could need and more. Make sure you check out their products today!

    – Memory foam seat cushion – 

    If your employees are going to be working at their desks for hours on end, it is important to make sure that they are comfortable, right? You can be sure that this is the case by purchasing a memory foam seat cushion for your workforce. This means that sitting on their bum for hours and hours on end is going to be a lot more comfortable! This is especially beneficial for those who are yet to invest in an office chair for their home. You’d be surprised by how much of your workforce is probably set-up at the dining table!

    – A potted plant – 

    Another way to make sure that your employees have a pleasant working environment is purchasing a pretty potted plant that can keep them company while they are working. Not only do potted plants look great, but they promote better airflow and working conditions as well. Therefore, they offer way more benefits than most people realize when it comes to home working environments. 

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    a vibrant plant in a home office

    – Desk exercise equipment – 

    Last but not least, sitting at a computer for hours on end is not healthy; however, it is essential for many jobs. There is an answer to this, though, and that’s desk exercise equipment. One of the best solutions we have seen is an under-desk elliptical. This means that your employees can sit at their office desk and workout while they are working. They can pedal away quietly while they are busy doing admin work or replying to emails. It is the ultimate in multi-tasking and can help to keep your workforce healthy, which is, of course, important. 

    As you can see, there are a number of great gift ideas that you can make the most of when it comes to creating the perfect home office environment for your employees. If a large chunk of your employees is now working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, let them know that you appreciate them and help create the perfect office environment for your workforce so that they can operate efficiently and effectively home.

    Know what gifts you want to buy but not sure where to look? 1338 Tyron is the leader in the industry. Browse their products now!

    Gear and Tips to Help You Get Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Life as we know it has changed over the past few months. Since COVID-19 struck, we have had to change the way that we go about working completely. For some people, this means that they have transitioned to a remote worker for the foreseeable future. For others, it means that they need to completely change the way that they go about their typical daily work procedures. With that being said, in this blog post, we are going to provide you with plenty of tips on getting through the coronavirus pandemic, with a particular focus on the different sorts of products you are going to need.

    Make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines –

    As the current situation is a fluid one, guidelines are changing all of the time. You need to stay up-to-date with the latest news and information from the government to ensure that you adhere to the guidelines in place. You should be able to access information relevant to your business via the government for your state’s website. There are different rules per industry, and it can seem a bit overwhelming, but try not to worry. Industry bodies and organizations can also prove to be useful sources of information if you need assistance. 

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    Focus on your customers rather than the competition – 

    A lot of people are too heavily focused on their competition. While this is important, it is better to be focused on your customers at this current time. The businesses that are thriving at the moment are considering how they can bring value to their customers. It is customer service that differentiates the small companies from the big ones. You need to use your abilities to adapt quickly to what your customers need at the moment. It is the perfect chance for you to dig deeper into your company. What has worked well in the past? How are you going to be able to add more value to your clients? This could be anything from starting an e-newsletter to virtual sessions, flexible future bookings, discounts, and rewards programs. It is all about doing something now that is going to ensure that you are at the forefront of your clients’ minds once they get things moving again.

    Thinking about taking your branding to the next level? Make sure you contact 1338 Tyron to see how you can start getting more customers today!

    Use the current conditions to make sure that you are branding effectively – 

    Do you have a promotional product strategy in place at your business? If so, it is time to address it. If not, it is time to start one. There are a lot of products that are in very high demand at the moment. The two most obvious ones being face masks and hand sanitizers. This is something that you are going to be able to use to your advantage. You can get branded hand sanitizer gel packets, such as those at 1338Tryon. The hand sanitizer itself is highly effective a stopping the spread of germs that cause infections and illnesses. You can then have your business’ logo printed on the packet to brand your company to full effect. The secret to a successful promotional product campaign is creating something that is going to get a lot of use. With hand sanitizers and face masks, you have items that tick these boxes for the foreseeable future.  

    two women working together

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    Find your pivot point-

    There are plenty of exceptional examples of companies currently embracing the situation and pivoting their business into a new area. Of course, you need to be cautious with this. You need to stay true to what your company stands for, and you need to go about it carefully as well. Think about where you currently sit and what your niche is. Then, you can think about what your clients need. This is going to help you to determine the logical pivot point. Customers want to offer their support to small companies right now, so it is essential to remember why you started up your company in the first place. Do not be afraid to tell your story. What issue are you going to be able to solve for your consumers in this environment? Think about what you do well and capitalize on this. 

    Team up with a supplier that you can count on – 

    You will need a lot of items that you didn’t need before. This includes a wide range of specialist cleaning items, face masks, and other types of protective equipment. You need to find a supplier that you will be able to rely on and provide you with the items you require quickly. The last thing you want is to run out of the essential items!

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    Communicate with your customers and clients – 

    Last but not least, burying your head in the sand and hoping for things to get better is not the way to go when it comes to dealing with this pandemic. No matter the industry you operate in, it is vital to reach out to your clients and customers. This is imperative for both existing customers and new customers as well. Don’t speak to them with an evident sales pitch. It is important to connect on a human level. It can be highly valuable to just check-in and see how they are doing and what they need at the moment. If you listen now and provide invaluable expertise, you will strengthen your relationships with your customers. This could result in you creating loyal brand allies for years and years to come. 

    There you have it: an insight into some of the different products that you need to get through the coronavirus pandemic, as well as some tips on how to implement them properly. We know that times are difficult at the moment. However, some careful planning and preparation can go a long way, ensuring that you can create the perfect work environment in light of the current conditions.

    They only way to make your business successful is to get the word out about it. Let people know about your brand via 1338 Tyron

    The Best Gifts for People Who Work From Home

    Working from home is a concept that takes some getting used to, but it does require a different set of skills, priorities, and gift ideas! There are plenty of gifts that will make the lives of the self-employed much easier, and improve the functionality of their work as well as showing them that you care and appreciate their lifestyle. 

    The Office Essentials

    Everyone who works from home still needs office essentials. They may not drive to an office every day, but there is still a need for the old fashioned office gifts just in case there is a lunch meeting or an event to attend to. You can take a little peek at 1338 Tryon for more gift ideas and see what you can buy your self-employed friends! 

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    Targus 16" Classic Topload Laptop Case

    There are plenty of briefcases that are gender-neutral and are essential for anyone who has a business. Whether it’s to transport their laptop, files, information, or even any prototypes or products, this is a great gift to buy someone who often attends events, conferences, or includes travel into their business. The Targos 16” is an excellent bag with a variety of purposes suitable for the business folks. 

    Mouse Mat for Laptop 

    Origin'L Fabric® 7.5"x8"x1/8" Antimicrobial Mouse Pad

    For people who use laptops, which is the majority of the remote workers,  it may be a good idea to buy a mouse mat for them so that they can have more accuracy with their work when they use their mouse. Check out the Origin’L mat with a funky design for inspiration.

    New Screen Monitor 

    HP P204 19.5-INCH MONITOR

    This is an excellent investment, but a new screen monitor can significantly impact someone’s working life. It can make their work easier to manage and create a better screen image, which can improve productivity. An HP screen monitor is a well-known brand with an excellent long term reputation.


    Wireless headphones/Noise Cancelling Headphones 

    V5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

    These are a must-have for anybody working from home. From the sounds of the outdoors to kids and other interferences, noise-canceling headphones are really important. Wireless headphones can also be a great gift idea because it allows the worker to continue listening to music or any audio sounds while they are away from their desk. The V5.0 wireless headphones are a great choice.

    Looking for branded office gifts for your team or clients? Contact 1338Tryon for strategic solutions to your merchandise needs.

    Personalized Mugs 

    Create Virtual Sample Download Previous Next 16 Oz. Bistro Ceramic Mug

    Everyone needs a coffee break, whether they like to admit it or not. You can get them a personalized mug that shows how much you care. Make it even more personal by adding their name, their job title, some type of phrase, or joke that reflects them well. Check out these adorable Bistro Ceramic mugs to impress your remote working friend.


    Working from home means that you can wear whatever you want. So some cool apparel that relates to their job can be a really fun way to ensure they’re always comfortable and stylish. Take a look at 1339 Tryon for branded apparel to impress your friend. 

    Power Banks 

    iBoost2 Mobile Device Charger with Gift Box

    Power banks are important because remote workers often have to rely on their own power sources on the go or even in their office. A power bank can help charge any technology, which is a very practical gift. You could opt for the iBoost 2 power bank to keep your friend’s iPhone and laptop charged and ready for action. 


    Business Card Magnet

    Dressing up your office space can be fun by adding magnets to your filing cabinets. They look fun and cute and can dress up in space. A business card magnet can provide a professional touch with some twist and style. 

    Maths Set 

    Eclipse Bonded Leather Zippered Portfolio With Calculator

    Despite the remote work that your friend does, a calculator and mathematics set will always be useful. A mathematics set can help your remote working friend calculate their finances,  fees, and stay on top of their cash flow. Check out the Eclipse Professional Set, a math geek design for your remote friend. 


    These are a fun way to give your friend a little pick-me-up at the end of the week. Whether it’s a food voucher for one of their favorite restaurants or online take-out service or somewhere that they can get themselves a little treat! Buy a Deliveroo voucher! 

    Pop Sockets for Phones 

    PopSockets® Swappable PopGrip

    These are great for anyone, but when you work from home, having your phone propped up properly could be really beneficial. A pop socket allows you to keep your phone in different positions; whether that’s watching a video or hooking it onto something, it’s very practical. Check out Pop sockets Swappable Pop-Grip for an amazing and stylish convenience. 

    Apple Watch

    This is a great way to help save time. The Apple Watch has everything you could need, from making calls quickly to keeping track of your health. It is a great tool for those who work from home to ensure that they are getting enough exercise, managing their time wisely, and can access their contact information quickly.

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    External Hard Drive/Flash Drive 

    USB Fold Flash Drive

    These are perfect for people who use a lot of information daily and need to back up a lot of important files. They can store numerous data at once, which means that they can free up room on their laptop and not worry about losing any files. You could opt for a UMAX flash drive to keep everything safe and secure.  


    Rambler Backpack

    A good backpack will always serve you well. It is a safe and secure way to transport your office supplies with you and provide the proper support to protect your back. This is to prevent additional pressure on your back and shoulders to avoid injuries. If you are interested in a gift like that for your remote friend, check out the Rambler Backpack today.

    Blue Light Glasses 

    The lighting from screens can take a toll on your eyes, so investing in a pair of blue light glasses helps take the glare off the screen, which can assist with migraines, headaches, and eye fatigue. The Inca glasses provide some really great glasses here at Ambr Eyewear. 

    A New Desk Chair 

    Create Virtual Sample Download Next Executive Task Chair

    Working from home means investing in a good chair, so if you know someone who may need a new addition to their office, a desk chair is a perfect gift. It allows them to sit comfortably while they slay away on their projects. The desk chair can support their lumbar region and keeps the aches and pains at a minimum. In fact, an executive leather desk chair would be the perfect gift for comfort and style during a busy workday.


    Travel Documents Folder

    Travel Documents Folder with Standard Luggage Design (10 1/4"x4 1/2")

    When someone works from home, they may have to travel to meet people, so keeping their documents safe is very important. Fortunately, the Travel Document Folder With Standard Luggage Design can do just that.

    Stress Relievers 

    a-Roma™ Ball Scented Stress Ball

    Every job comes with stress, and being able to release some of the tension while you’re on the go is a great way to feel better. Some of these stress relievers even come with a bonus like the Roma Ball which is scented orange that adds a little bit of flavor to your life. 

    Looking for customized branded items and gifts? 1338Tryon has smart products for your company’s merchandise needs.

    Water Bottle 

    Aurora 18 oz Copper-Lined Bottle

    Drinking plenty of water is vital for our health, and when we are working hard, it’s really important to keep hydrated to eradicate headaches and eye issues as the day goes by. The aurora 18 Custom Mug is a great stylish water bottle that looks stunning and will serve its purpose for hydration.

    Business Card Holders 

    Create Virtual Sample Download Next Executive Business Card Holder

    This is a really important gift for those who have business cards on the go. For anyone who takes their business cards everywhere, having a reliable folder is convenient and stylish, especially when your remote working friend pulls them out to share with potential clients. You could opt for the Executive Card Holder, which impresses clients with it’s professional and elegant appeal along with its functionality.

    An Office Plant

    Having an easy to care for plant in a work from home space can help create a more peaceful atmosphere for the work from home professionals in your life. An organized, clean, zen-like desk can help keep them inspired while working long days in their office. The Sill offers a huge selection of plants you can order right to your door. Succulents are one of the best choices that don’t take up a lot of desk space and require little attention. Plants add an element of comfort to a work from home space and provide something new to look at when taking a break from screens.

    Door Hangers

    Door hangers are a clever way to communicate the need for peace and quiet if you are working from home with other family members. Video conferences and chats can be stressful enough without background noise like vacuum cleaners. These door hangers from Etsy can communicate whatever you need without saying a word. The dry erase hangers can get across any message — from “do not disturb,” to “please bring me food.”

    A Better Wireless Mouse

    A wireless mouse that is more ergonomically suited to hands can do wonders for comfort when working from home. Your work from home friends will thank you for saving them from hand cramps from navigating an undersized or ill-shaped mouse around all day. Designs come in various sizes and shapes with some that look space-age. This MX Master 3 ergonomic mouse from Logitech will give them something nice to look forward to every work day.


    Candles are the perfect gift for a variety of occasions, but they make an especially good gift for those with work from home offices. Scented candles are another gift that makes any environment much more pleasant to be in. Candles also add an element of class that gives an extra boost to get into a productive and professional mindset. Try getting them the Tubéreuse candles from Diptyque. These candles from French candle makers and scent makers embody class and smell amazing. 

    A Phone Holder

    For work from home professionals, keeping a tidy and clean workspace is a must for productivity. A phone holder can keep a desktop organized while providing an easy to see view of the notifications on the screen. A nice-looking phone holder will make a thoughtful gift that they will be happy to receive. Ikea makes a selection of Bergenes holders for tablets and phones that look great while clearing up needed space.

    A Quality Webcam

    A quality webcam can make anyone seem put together on a web conferencing call. Webcams are one of the most used tools that those who work from home rely on to meet with their teams or clients to discuss plans. Most external webcams provide a much higher quality video image than the ones built into macs and PCs. This HD Pro webcam from Logitech will make their next video meeting so much better. Bring those who work from home up to the next level when they are showing their home office to coworkers via high definition video.  

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    Bottom Line

    Overall, there are a plethora of gifts available to those individuals working from home. These branded gifts come in a variety of price ranges; some are more affordable while others are more expensive. It depends on your budget and what you are looking for.

     Office supplies are practical and vital for any remote worker. These gifts can make their work easier and help boost their productivity. After all, working from home can be tricky in certain aspects, from setting up an office space to getting the right equipment to ensure the work can continue professionally and efficiently. 

    So why not help your remote working loved ones succeed by getting them a gift from 1338 Tryon to give them a little boost of functionality and morale, and keep them happy and healthy! The gift choices are endless, so which one will you choose? 

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