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When 57% of consumers own and keep promotional products for more than five years, your business needs to capitalize on ways to leverage promotional products to boost brand awareness and company loyalty.

But in order to enjoy this brand longevity through promotional products, you also need to invest in high-quality promotional items that your target audience will want to keep. So, where do you find the best places to buy promotional products for your enterprise?

We’ll highlight the five best promotional product companies and how to leverage these promo items to strengthen your marketing strategy. When you invest in quality promotional items, your business will reap the benefits.

The Best Promotional Products that Your Company Should Consider.

Standing out at a trade show can be hard. However, offering unique promotional products can set your business apart.  The promotional products you choose should be helpful giveaways for potential customers. 

For example, custom printed promotional sticky notes. In the spirit of standing out, here are 10 promotional products that will definitely catch a potential customer’s attention:

  • Environmentally-Friendly Promotional Products. Now more than ever people are looking for things that are eco-friendly. Companies that hand out environmentally-friendly promos showcase their mindful side. 
  • Tech – Promotional USB Drives.  Tech promotional products such as USB drives offer a perfect way to connect with customers and provide promotional files.
  • Promotional Stress Balls. Everyone loves relieving stress so give away promotional items that fit the bill, like promotional stress balls. 
  • Promotional Mugs or Cups with Custom Printed Insulators. Promo ceramic mugs and insulated cups are crowd favorites. 
  • Promotional Outerwear. Handing out branded outerwear is an investment for any company. 
  • Custom Tote Bags. These can be even cooler if they are environmentally-friendly bags. 
  • Custom Promotional Drinkware.  Promotional drinkware is perfect for the promotional items that are handed out at promotional events. 

Calculators. Promo calculators are great promotional items because they encourage promotional product users to think back on how much promotional products can help them in their daily lives.

Why Promotional Product Quality Matters to Your Marketing Strategy

Worldwide, 85% of consumers remember the advertiser of their promotional product. And apparel items lead the highest advertiser recall. To take advantage of this brand awareness, businesses need to invest in the quality of their promo items.

The principal driving reason promo items are kept is for quality. Other driving factors are utility and attractiveness. The higher the quality, the longer your target audience will wear or use the item.


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How to Ensure You Get the Best Promotional Products

To create a lasting connection with your target audience, you need to select the best promotional products carefully based on:


The promotional product should logically connect with your business’s product or service or create an association that is easy to identify with your product or company.


The best promotional items are useful to your target audience. If it is an item your target audience will use regularly, then it opens an opportunity to stay top of mind with that consumer. A hot promotional item that many consumers need right now is face masks.

Ability to Underscore Your Core Marketing Message

By selecting a promotional item that relates to your industry or consumer needs, you’ll be able to offer a unique item that will differentiate your brand and connect your marketing message to the promo item.

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Five Promotional Product Companies to Consider

These e-commerce sites are the most popular places to buy promotional items for your enterprise. The top promotional product company, 1338Tryon, represents the highest standards in quality, selection, pricing, and customer service:


1. 1338Tryon


A premier branded merchandise company and woman-owned business, 1338Tryon offers high-quality promotional products that customers love to get. They also specialize in helping you develop recognition programs and marketing asset programs for your employees and customers.

A full-service promotional product company, 1338Tryon provides quality customer service to make sure you’re satisfied with your products. They want to deliver effective and motivational items that provide the highest standard for tangible engagement, elevating your overall marketing strategy.


Want to shop their most popular products? Check out 1338Tryon’s full line of promotional products.


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2. 4Imprint

4Imprint is a popular promotional product company for online shoppers, but they are known for their speed of service rather than the quality of their products. They offer 24-hour rush service for those promo items you forgot to order or decided last minute that you needed them. If you’re looking for the highest quality, you might want to look elsewhere.


3. Vistaprint

A full-service marketing communications company, Vistaprint offers everything from websites, brochures, business cards to promotional items. They have a larger design team that can help small businesses build their brand through cost-effective marketing materials.

While promotional products are one aspect of their business, their product offering isn’t as deep as some other companies on our list.

4. EmpirePromos

EmpirePromos is a promotional products company that ensures product quality with samples and a product guarantee. They also stand by expedited processing and timely delivery. If you need professional art assistance, they have a team of designers that will work with you to ensure quality design.


5. Quality Logo Products

QLP is a no-fuss promotional products company that provides competitive pricing for many of its promo items. They offer an easy-to-use ordering system with fast delivery and no hidden fees. They mainly cater to small businesses with a high customer satisfaction rating.


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How to Strategically Use High-Quality Promotional Products to Increase Brand Awareness

The best ways to strategically use high-quality promotional items are:

  • Give as a Business Gifts: promo items can build relationships with clients, vendors, and partners.
  • Communicate Messaging at Trade Shows: Promo items can boost your booth engagement when you offer desirable branded SWAG.
  • Give to Employees: Promotional products can encourage employee satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.
  • Use for Targeted Messaging at Company Gatherings and Presentations: Useful logoed or messaged gifts can keep teams engaged and aware of core messaging.
  • Use as Giveaways at Nonprofit Events: If your company donates to nonprofits, schools, or local organizations, then using logoed giveaways helps build brand awareness and connection to the community.
  • Motivate Employees with an Incentive Program: As your employees reach specific achievements, reward them with various high-quality and practical logoed gifts.

Are There Disavantages of Promotional Products?

While there are plenty of reasons why you should include promotional products in your marketing you may be wondering if there any disadvantages to using promotional products? 

The main disadvantage is that these promotional product companies don’t regularly custimize individual items

However, some companies utilize promotional products as gifts for employees, and that would be a time when you would need to verify if they allow customization or not. 

The space that promotional product companies used for printing the marketing message is limited in some printed items and that is why most of them just use company logos. 

Another disadvantage that some companies run into is that they don’t target the right audience with their promotional material

For example, offering flash drives with logos to senior citizens wouldn’t be as effective as a magnifying glass. Even if your company is tech based.

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High-Quality Promotional Items Should be an Essential Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Promotional items can have a significant impact on your brand awareness and targeted messaging. It’s important to remember that quality, attractiveness, and usefulness are essential to creating longevity with your consumers, employees, and target audiences.

When selecting a promotional products company, make sure they emphasize customer service and satisfaction. While there are many cheap promotional product companies online, you’re better off using a more reputable company that can guarantee tangible engagement through products that your target audience will want to keep.

Why You Should Chose 1338Tryon as Your Promotional Product Company

1338Tryon is a premier branded merchandise company that is woman-owned. They speciallize in high-quality promotional products that customers love receiving. 1338Tyron also offers a unique program to help your company develop their own product distribution marketing program. 

1138Tryon is your one stop shop for any promotional product needs your company may have. They offer creative, curated promo items while putting their customers first from day one. They treat employees with respect making them a well oiled marketing machine that your company can rely on. 

Are you ready to elevate your internal and external customer engagement? Contact 1338Tryon today. 

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