Best Brand Name Promotional Products You can Give

the North Face jacket

Clients, customers, and employees all enjoy promotional products, but they love when it’s brand name gifts. And when 81% keep their promotional productlonger than a year, having your logo on a brand name promo item can increase your brand exposure

Finding name-brand items for promotional corporate gifts can be a trick. We’ve got a list of the best brand name promotional products to increase your customer retention, brand awareness, and brand recognition. 

The Best Ways to Use Your Brand Name Promo Items 

People love to get free things, especially from brands they already recognize for quality. You can boost your visibility and sales by adding your marketing messaging or logo to brand name promo items. Here are some of the best ways to use these promotional products: 

  • Give away the promotional product as a sales promotion. 
  • Give them away at a sponsored event. 
  • Pick products that will give your products maximum exposure. 
  • Give to priority clients and customers. 
  • Give as thank yous to other businesses, customers, or employees. 

The Best Branded Promo Items 

When it comes to the best branded promo items, the top categories are apparel and drinkware. Technology is another growing category as well as housewares and tools. People also like functional items like pens, backpacks, and totes. 


Branded apparel is always a good choice for branded promotional products because it’s durable, practical, and memorable. Most apparel has a large area for brand exposure when worn. And 44% of Americans own and wear promotional apparel regularly. 

There are several established brands known for quality that you can use for your promotional messaging. Some of our favorite brands are: 

The North Face 

Known for quality and durability, The North Face is a top choice for promotional outerwear. 1338Tryon offers several The North Face apparel items that are popular promotional corporate gifts: 

Cutter & Buck 

Another high-quality brand, Cutter & Buck, has been making upscale, active-lifestyle apparel, bags, and more since 1990. Cutter & Buck makes a variety of brand name promo items, most notably are: 


HexaCustom builds high-quality rain jackets that are waterproof and durable. Their jackets come in a variety of colors, fits, and sizes. HexaCustom’s unique style will draw attention to your messaging. 

When purchasing apparel promo items, you will need to consider the sizing, gender, and fit for your intended consumers. 

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Yeti cups and coolers


Another popular promotional item is drinkware because of its versatility and functionality. Drinkware comes in a variety of options, including water bottles, tumblers, glasses, mugs, and thermoses. These are great items for customers and employees in an era where people are trying to reduce their communal sharing. 


When it comes to quality outdoor gear, Pelican stands above the rest. Made from high-quality, durable materials, you can add your logo to a variety of their products, such as coolers, duffel bags, flashlights, and vault cases. In the drinkware department, Pelican makes exceptional: 


A growing brand known for superior insulation is Yeti. Their drinkware is ideal for keeping drinks hot or cold for long periods of time. Yeti is a trendy brand to add your corporate messaging. 1338Tryon offers Yeti drinkware: 


Known for drink insulation, Stanley is another established brand in drinkware. Utilizing vacuum insulation technology for over 100 years, Stanley makes high quality: 

Need help deciding on which branded promo items will boost your company’s visibility? Contact 1338Tryon for their expertise and customized solutions. 

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man wearing a backpack on the sidewalk 

Backpacks and Bags 

Backpacks and bags are another desirable branded promotional product that people love for their durability and functionality. You can also gain a lot of brand exposure with bags and backpacks because people use them for a wide variety of activities. 1338Tryon carries several high-quality brands for customizable promotional gifts: 

Tools and Hardware 

Tools and hardware make for unique and appreciated branded promo items that people use for years because of their functionality and quality. Branded promotional products that people enjoy getting are BBQ sets, gardening tools, and tool kits. Some of our favorite brands in tools and hardware are: 


Meter is a top brand for BBQ thermometers, which are a fun gift for people who love BBQ. These thermometers are specially built to endure the heat of the grill.  

Grill Master 

Another reputable BBQ products company, Grill Master makes durable: 


Whether you work in an office or remotely, most people need technology accessories to stay connected, accomplish tasks, or be efficient. Some of the best branded technology accessories out there are: 

Add Your Logo or Messaging to Brand Name Gifts to Extend Your Brand Recognition 

Whether you are looking to add your logo to a high-quality shirt or BBQ set, you will extend your brand recognition when you choose to use branded promo items that people recognize for their quality. These items are often used regularly and are appreciated as gifts, making them ideal promotional products. 

 When people see that your branded promotional products are fun, trendy, and functional, then they’ll keep and use your promotional products, which helps build your own brand and can potentially increase sales. 

 A premier branded merchandise company, 1338Tryon offers high-quality branded promo items that customers love. Specializing in helping you develop recognition programs and marketing asset programs for your employees and customers, 1338Tryon is a full-service promotional product company that can customize a solution specific to your enterprise needs. 

 Have something else in mind for your promotional products? Check out 1338Tryon’s full line of promotional products. 

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