Promotional Product Statistics and How Merchandise is Used

In the world of business, smart advertisers know how to get the most value out of their branding efforts. Those who are successful make the most of up-to-date research data to connect with what motivates consumers. Here are some statistics on how to get the best margin on your ROI.


Promotional Products Statistics


Across all age ranges, promotional products are the most effective form of marketing. Most households own an average of 30 promotional products. Most of those products even stick around for more than a year, and some promotional statistics show that roughly 40% of consumers keep their promo merch for over ten years! That’s the power of having these items around. With half of the people using these items on a weekly basis, not having them is putting a company at a deep loss.


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This form of advertising is more favorable than other styles like newspapers, radio ads, or magazine pages. For starters, people want them! Nearly half of consumers wish for more promotional products. Even a good internet ad can’t beat a good branded ink pen that they will carry with them all day.

Roughly 23% of consumers purchased a promotional product over the past 12 months. More than half have passed along to others a product they no longer want or use. Meaning one branded item can have the potential of reaching that many more consumers, almost like the gift that keeps on giving.

These numbers clearly show how not offering personal promotional products for your business can be a huge mistake and can lead to missed revenue. Over half of consumers were more likely to buy from a business that offered them a branded face mask, so it’s important to keep a connection with your target audience.


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Specific promotional products data


What a business thinks its customers want and what they want can sometimes end up being very different. That’s why it is so important to not only have a plan but also to have some customer profiles to help you find the perfect promo products.


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When consumers were asked what products they owned and used, the answers proved to be useful insight into this marketing style. The most popular tended to be apparel, drinkware, writing utensils, and bags. A piece of drinkware alone can generate 1,400 impressions over its lifetime. More than 90% of consumers own at least one branded drinkware. At a price point less than some social media ads, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Shirts, hats, and umbrellas are other great sources of passive marketing. More than half of consumers continue to wear their custom t-shirts for over two years. These types of wearable promotional products can bring in over 3,000 impressions over their lifetime. A jacket that costs $20 will have a CPI of only 3/10 of a cent and has been known to bring in over 6,000 impressions over the years of use.

Writing instruments might be the most common type of promo merch, with almost 90% of the population owning at least one and are capable of bringing in over 1,000 impressions. Other desks and office accessories are also popular, with around 60% of people owning some form of branded accessory. As the use of technology increases, electronics like customized USBs and power banks are becoming more popular options.


Promotional Product


The impact of promotional products


“As one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools available, promotional merchandise is the silver bullet you’ve been looking for to create a buzz around your products.”Industry Today.


More than 80% of consumers are more likely to trust and do business with brands that offer promotional products. Many people associate the quality of those items with the companies reputation. Those products made in the USA also seemed to give consumers a higher opinion of the advertiser. Even the type of promotional product can influence consumers; 46% had a more favorable opinion of companies that offered environmentally friendly items.

Nine out of 10 people recall the company, either their name or logo, from those promotional items they have received. Two-thirds of consumers researched the brand attached to those items. That can bring a lot more attention to a company, and trade show visitors are 50% more likely to stop at an exhibit that offers giveaway items.


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How Long Do People Hold Onto Promotional Products?


While the item itself and quality will vary to some degree, the overall average across all products is roughly one year. Outerwear, clothing, and umbrellas will hold up longer, sometimes upwards of, more than two years as to where calendars and writing instruments have the shortest lifespan of about 8 months.


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How Impactful are Promotional Products?

Everybody loves free. There’s no doubt about that, but does it really create waves enough for a business to hand out these free gifts? Yes. They are one of the only forms of advertising that gives consumers the ability to interact with the company brand on a tangible level. Handing out promotional products at trade shows or community events it allows for a more memorable brand experience. It’s also an affordable way to get noticed by your target audience.


In the US alone, outerwear can generate over 6,000 impressions during its lifetime. These items are often worn out in public settings, exposing everyone around to a brand. That small connection often begins a system of trust with potential clients. The more often they see a company name or brand, the more likely they are to trust and do business with them.


Utilizing promotional products is an easy, affordable way to reach a neverending supply of new clients. Each target audience has their own preferences as to what free items will stick with them longer. The value of these items well outweighs their initial cost.


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