Why Does Your Business Need Corporate Apparel?

Marketing is no longer just having a billboard on the side of the road or an advertisement that plays on TV. Marketing is now a multi-channel tactic to get your brand, product, or service in front of consumers who are most likely to purchase your product. Maybe this includes advertisements spread throughout multiple social media platforms, digital news webpages, and more.


With the high complexity and visibility of digital marketing in an era of electronic devices, branded apparel’s viability and strategy are often looked over by corporations. Integrating branded apparel into your business’ marketing strategy is a fantastic way to reach a wider audience. Clothing can add another channel of branding to your marketing strategy and create a cohesive and professional appearance for your employees, staff members, consumer-base, and more.


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Reasons Your Business Needs Corporate Apparel- Internally


Whether you’d like to implement corporate apparel for employee unification purposes or better represent your business’s professional services, there are many reasons to invest in corporate apparel.


Employee Unity


Strict uniforms are not a great way to promote your employees’ individuality and the many different skills they bring to the table. Instead of full uniforms, using branded t-shirts or hats can be a great casual option. These will advertise your business and announce to customers who your employees are while still allowing them to maintain personal control over their physical appearance while at work. It may surprise you how large of a component this can contribute to employee morale.


Uniform cohesion may not be possible in all industries (i.e., the medical sector). Still, companies that would like to and can have a uniform look for their employees can benefit their business in many areas. With all your employees working on the same team, it can be beneficial to have them symbolically aware that they are part of a much bigger team. Uniforms can be a reminder of their accountability to one another and the company at large.


Putting together corporate apparel marketing plan


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Rank Differentiation


It’s not infrequent to find a business that requires lower-ranking employees to wear the same uniform while allowing hire-up management professionals to wear whatever they’d like. While it is understandable to distinguish the apparel of individuals with different ranks, different dress codes for other employees can make it difficult for lower-ranking employees to feel they are treated the same way as management.


By providing different color or design options for employees in various positions, departments, or roles, you’ll be able to hold employees to the same standards so as not to leave anyone feeling left out. If you don’t care to differentiate staff according to the rank of the role they have, you can give employees multiple options for the apparel they get to wear. Thus, you can avoid the lack of enthusiasm produced by employees feeling like they must wear the same thing all the time or the feeling that they have no opportunity to differentiate themselves from their coworkers.


Reasons Your Business Needs Corporate Apparel- Externally


Unified corporate apparel is great, not only for advertising purposes but for the message that it can communicate to the many consumers who see your brand across a large number of employees or peers.


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Whether consumers consciously acknowledge it or not, seeing your brand image, logo, or name on a hat, shirt, or other pieces of apparel is a great way to get brand recognition rolling. Either way, branded apparel is a great way for the public to perceive your brand and employees as a professional and unified front.


Branded apparel can go much further than just your internal staff members, however. To be honest, the public can’t seem to get enough of things like free shirt giveaways at events, or just in general. This is a great way to make a connection with consumers on a more personal level and to spread the word of your brand to that individual’s friends, family, and the people they come into contact with on a day to day basis.




Differentiation Within Your Industry


Chances are, you are not the only business that provides services in the industry you’re involved with. Whether you’re a coffee shop, an office supply store, a fast-food chain, or a retailer, there’s like not just one, but many businesses that sell the same product or service that you do. Thus, taking advantage of every opportunity you can to get your brand in the head of the consumer is critical to setting yourself apart, even if that means getting your logo on some apparel. Take advantage of as many opportunities to create mental associations and recognition with consumers as possible!


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Developing Corporate Apparel Solutions with 1338Tryon


Coming up with a strategy for your corporate apparel doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive! In fact, it can be a great, cost-effective way to market on an ongoing basis: you don’t even have to pay to advertise after you make your apparel, you’ll be able to advertise as long as the apparel is in good condition.

Team working on apparel marketing plan


Working with 1338Tryon to build a plan surrounding your corporate apparel is guaranteed to be an efficient and cost-effective way to add another level to your marketing strategy. Our team will work with you to integrate your brand philosophy into branded merchandise or apparel that spread the word about your growing company. Send us an email to start a conversation about how our company can be of service to you!


Are you looking to integrate branded merchandise and apparel within your marketing strategy seamlessly? Look no further than 1338Tryon.

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